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Syrenne McNulty A Nintendo Switch Developer Shares Further Details

Syrenne McNulty who is an officially registered Nintendo Switch developer has popped up on the Radio Free Nintendo podcast and has shared some more information on the console. There’s quite a lot of information including details about the system, the Joy-Con controllers and HD rumble, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Virtual Console and much more. Have a read below and see what you think to Nintendo’s plans.

On Joy-Con’s

  • Lots of tech
  • HD rumble is the real deal. The bottom of the joycon will vibrate if an ice-cube hits the bottom of the glass. And a full glass of ice cubes will make the top of the joycon rumble. Like the joycon becomes the glass. Basically the rumble can vibrate at different intensities but also at different locations instead of being one giant motor.
  • IR pointer is great. It would be difficult to make Wii BC games work with it but not impossible.
  • Comfortable to hold while separated and joined together. It doesn’t look ergonomic but they fit in hands naturally.
  • Motion tech is on par with Oculus Touch and Vive controllers. Very accurate. Way better than Wii motion plus and PS Move controllers.
  • it detects subtle movements.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 

  • Has everything the Joycon have including HD rumble and motion controls.
  • No IR pointer.
  • D-pad is iconic Nintendo dpad.
  • Very comfortable
  • [s]Analog triggers[/s]
  • Battery life is great but not 80 hours like the Wii U pro. Happy with battery life.

Developing for Nintendo Switch

  • Very happy with it
  • Easy to develop for
  • Anything she wants to do she can. No limits. Toolset is great.
  • Can’t talk specs.

My Nintendo and Virtual Console

  • MyNintendo tracks all your 3DS and Wii U purchases. Not your Wii ones.
  • Her theory on VC is if you bought a VC game on 3DS or Wii U you’ll pay an upgrade fee like you did ON Wii U. However, if you bought the same VC game on both Wii U and 3DS you’ll get the Switch VC game for free. If you only bought it on Wii VC you’re SOL.

Online subscription

  • The free game a month is exactly like PS+. As long as you download within that free month it’s yours to keep as long as you’re subscribed.
  • The free download a month is chosen by Nintendo because if they offered all VC games with online the player base would be split and you’d never find enough people for a match. Whereas with this method, everyone who’s downloading the game is part of the same player pool.

The Wii U never made money

  • Every unit of Wii U sold was at a loss.
  • Gamepad cost to build including Labour was $95.
  • Wii U console itself costed $140-150. Add in shipping and retailer cut and there’s no room for price drops.
  • Switch price is set up for future price cuts that are still profitable. Ditto the expensive accessories.

Nintendo Swich Dock

  • It’s not just a passthrough. You won’t see third-party docks. It has proprietary technology. Not just an empty shell that charges and passthrough hdmi. That’s why it’s expensive.
  • It has to read that the switch is docked, switch the signal to hdmi (since the switch doesn’t have a hdmi port on the unit itself) and then hdmi to TV.

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  1. This does sound awesome but I’m confused because I thought the pro controller had digital triggers?

    1. On neogaf they’ve changed it to be digital triggers. Apparently the interviewee was tired and made a mistake.

    2. You think right. :) Some of the information from this interview has been proven to be wrong already, so this hardly has any credibility. The pro controller having analog triggers being one of the incorrect statements.
      The only game this developer has ever released was a rather… let’s say, unaesthetic looking endless runner, which also seems to be the game they have in development for the Switch. I’m honestly not sure she even has any idea about some of the stuff she said. For example, how would she be able to tell how easy it is to develop for the Switch? Does an extremely simplified endless runner where the only obstacles are gaps you need to jump over offer enough experience for her to make that statement? Because she had no difficulties developing an endless runner, which probably could run on a calculator, it means the platform is easy to develop for, and “let’s you do anything you want to do, without limits”? Also, the monthly free game is confirmed to be playable only during that month, that info came from Nintendo themselves.
      As I’ve said, hardly any credibility, and it’s probably best to not take any of this interview seriously, but instead to wait for official info from sources that are actually believable, such as Nintendo themselves.

      1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

        *sigh* So much for Reggie just doing a shitty job at explaining things.

  2. “The free game a month is exactly like PS+. As long as you download within that free month it’s yours to keep as long as you’re subscribed.”
    What? They didn’t say that you can only keep it that month?

    1. Wait…what?
      I thought it was “Rent a Month” but it’s in actuality “Download within the month
      and keep it as long as you’re subbed?” deal like PS+?

      Dude what the hell, if this is true then this
      is GREAT NEWS!

      Did Reggie didn’t mention the part about players being able to keep
      it if they’re still subbed?

      …Again this needs real clarification from Nintendo because they’ve
      caused a lot of confusion and anger with a lot of people who heard
      about this.

      It really does!

        1. What makes this article bullshit my friend? I understand to take these type of comments in the article with a grain of salt…but still, from an actual developer, I doubt it’s all bullshit.

          But in seriousness, I’m gonna just wait for further clarification from Nintendo themselves OR if more developers (if they’re are willing to talk) on the system also confirm about the free game service.

          It’ll be odd if everything in this article turned out to be truly bullshit, that’ll be really shitty if you think about it.

          Still I’m gonna just wait for further clarification/confirmation over the next days/weeks. If it turns out that the rent a month is true then it’s disappointing…but we’ll see.

  3. “The free game a month is exactly like PS+. As long as you download within that free month it’s yours to keep as long as you’re subscribed.”

    This just proves that the rumours are WRONG that you only keep the game for a month

    1. It wasn’t really a rumor because I think Reggie said it himself. God I thought we would have all info clear as day by now, lol.

                1. Well here is two that i can think of….Smash port and Luigis mansion III

              1. I strongly doubt they would lay out all of their cards in one presentation. That would leave them with no surprises to hit people with and get people talking throughout the year.

      1. To be fair, if he had casually said “you can keep it”, people would have turned it around and would be angry at him, if they couldn’t play the game anymore without subscription… What he would have to say is, “you can keep it as long as your subscription lasts”, but that doesn’t sound very right either. Since this is Nintendo, people would have weirdly turned even that around saying something like “what? So we are forced to pay just to continue playing the VC games??” Even though the others do that as well. (I know the internet by now)

        What he actually said was:
        “You’ve got access to that game for a period of time, and then after the month there’s a new selection. You’ll have the opportunity to buy it, but that month we’ve moved on to another game.”
        That doesn’t really make anything clear if you think about it, as you can just as easily read this as:
        “You’ve got access to that game for a period of time, in that time you can get it. If you wait too long and the next month starts, you can still buy it normally.”

        It seems to be just normal by now in Nintendo discussions to always assume the worst possible outcome in everything with most not ever really thinking about it. Others, who heard about it just via discussions like these have no chance at all. If everyone says that it is like this, it has to be, right?

        Now Syrenne McNulty could be wrong of course, meaning it really is just a rental. But Reggie sure wasn’t as clear about it as everyone thinks he was.

        1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

          Good thing I don’t put much stock in what Reggie the Puppet says.

          1. Well hopefully she is correct, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up, I specifically remember reading reggie say that after the free month you will have the option to purchase the “free” game.

            1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

              Damn. He did mention that, didn’t he?

                1. Hmm…after reading Kingo’s comment above, it could be that Reggie
                  worded it wrong and didn’t clarify what he meant.

                  Gosh, I feel Nintendo should further clarify about
                  the service so no more people get pissed/confused
                  about the deal.

  4. I don’t think this “Switch developer” knows what they’re talking about lol. Pretty sure pro controller has digital shoulders, and the online subscription games comment is just plain false.

  5. “The free game a month is exactly like PS+. As long as you download within that free month it’s yours to keep as long as you’re subscribed.”
    So we can really keep the game for as long as we are subscribed? Like for several years?
    Didn’t sound like it at the presentation.

  6. About 3 years ago, this verified developer kept making posts trying to convince people to get their cutesy little kid game Luv Me Buddies. Syrenne is also a verified developer because she released this auto-running e-shop game. She also had a normal account, and asked the other guy for a review copy and completely trashed the game in a review, as well as posting about her opinion on Miiverse. The developer commented on her post about her asking for a review copy and trashing the game, and this big comment fight began between 2 developers while others were joining in. I’d say it was the best thing I witnessed on Miiverse.

    1. She puts “Lesbian in games dev and press” like anyone would give a shit if she finger fucked fish and licked tacos. She seems to be that type of dev who’d call you “Misogynistic” for pointing out flaws in her game.

      The info is good, but the developer is trash.

      1. Yeah I kinda see your point there. She puts it there like it has some bearing on the quality of her work. It makes it sound like she has an agenda. I don’t go around telling people I’m a heterosexual gamer. It has absolutely no effect on what kinds of games I play.

  7. Seems like mostly good news to me.
    Especially the part about it being priced to have a Price Drop. ;D Yesss, definitely waiting for that to happen. Mwahaha

    1. I’m getting it day one with a $125 price drop so I’m all good lol. Thank god for that Wii U my sister didn’t want any more :)

      1. Haha! Nicely played. I have way too much invested in My WiiU, and no sister. So I’ll have to take the long way around to a Price drop. I’ll settle for bundled games of course!

        1. I’ve still got mine too. It’s the only way for me to play some of the games I’ve got unless Nintendo wants to do HD remasters of the Galaxy and Metroid Prime games. I’m already considering Mario Kart 8 Delixe. My digital Wii U purchases were also pretty limited as well as my 3DS ones. In fact, they could do quite a few collections to make me dump my 3DS and Wii U completely.

        1. I traded in my sisters white one. I still have my black one that probably would’ve gotten me $25 more.

          1. Should have gotten the same though unless it was the 8gb one. They trade for the same according to the website. If you show them that they have it for more trade in on their website they have to give it to you.

        2. Well Damn. You guys are doing quite well trading in your old gear! I’m keeping mine. I have a bunch of games, plus I have several Wii games I still play. I collect Nintendo systems, so I lose out with the trade in deals. My choice tho.

    2. That excites me too. I already pre ordered it, it just means AMBASSADOR PROGRAM!!! I want 20 vc games. Or 5 gamecube games. Double Dash, Sunshine, Melee, Master Quest, and Metroid Prime.

    3. ||This is the most important point out of everything it said…||

      ||Easy to develop for||

      1. Not sure if that statement holds much meaning when it’s coming from an indie developer that hasn’t put anything other than one game on the table which happens to be nothing more than an extremely simplified endless runner.

        1. ||A few others have said the same thing, although I don’t think any of the bigger ones have confirmed it yet maybe…||

  8. Awesome. If you can keep, lets say a multiplayer Super Mario World (I can hope) for as long as you own the online service, I wouldn’t mind forking over $10-20 a year.

    I know, $10 is EXTREMELY wishful thinking, but I really don’t need voice chat or “play appointments.” I would get online for Splatoon 2 or Smash for Switch.

    1. I’ve heard some rumors that it’s more like $50 a year, but IDK, hopefully we find out soon. Might be important info to some on the fence during launch.

        1. If you are gaming exclusively on the Switch, $50 is not theivery…that is.. Xbox charges $60. Now, you also get a LOT of free games, voice and party chat, etc… so Switch isn’t over priced as much as lacking modern features.

          And as Mike said below, it’s free til sometime in the holidays, so you could potentially save up to buy the online service for the following year. AND, $50 was just a rumor I’ve seen a couple times… it could still change or be different. We have to see.

                1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

                  I guess they heard people defend the lack of voice chat in Mario Kart 8 with the “just use your smartphone & an online chat service to chat with your friends while playing Mario Kart” & apparently thought it was a SUPER, GREAT IDEA FOR THE SWITCH… :/

                2. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

                  While ignoring us that said it was a stupid idea & listed all the logical reasons why it was stupid.

                  1. I’m seriously wondering what the hell must me going on in their minds to think that it’s a good idea to make it mandatory to use a smartphone to be able to use voice chat and text messaging, features that have been a built in part of other consoles for about 10 years now. I simply can not wrap my head around it, all I can think is

                    just w h y ???

                    Why make people unnecessarily be bound to extra devices to use features as simple as those, which have been a standard for a whole decade? What about people who don’t use smartphones? Why make things so inconvenient and tedious, utterly anti-consumer?
                    There is absolutely no reasonable explanation I can come up with for this decision. In this day and age, there is nothing that should stop them from having those features directly implemented into the system. I’m just completely baffled, puzzled, perplexed, there is nothing else I can say about it, really.

                    1. Especially when we will have to pay for the online service? Even stranger yet…

                    2. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

                      I’m one such person that doesn’t use smartphones. My wife has one but that’s her work phone. And it’s beside the point regardless. Even if I did have one, I shouldn’t need to use it for shit that’s a basic on every other system.

                    3. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

                      But the fanboys will defend it because they are stupid.

      1. It’s also free until the fall so there’s plenty of time for internet rage to change their minds.

  9. They should give more then just one snes or nes a game a month don’t get me wrong the online mulitplayer that’s being added a month excites me but they should add 64 ganecube and wii games to this since there the expensive games

    1. It’s an issue. With other consoles, they have a large pool of games to chose from, sometimes they are indie games, not nearly as often does Microsoft give away 1St party games. So I can understand why Nintendo doesn’t want to give the cow away.

      They COULD and maybe should give away some old NES games… they’ve milked them to death and it would be a great incentive to encourage online participation.
      Nintendo could partner with other developers and offer discounts for having the online service.

      They can and should do more, but as always, they are way, way behind. I hope with Switch, we see them closing the gap, but they do have some catching up to do, so we can’t expect them to be 100% current on day one… but we SHOULD be sure they know they can’t just shovel shit in our mouth and tell us ton swallow. They need to continue listening and partnering with consumers and stop punishing their own fans.

  10. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

    “The free game a month is exactly like PS+. As long as you download within that free month it’s yours to keep as long as you’re subscribed.” Nintendo badly explaining a feature!? Surely this never happens! /s Well that’s nice to know. I wish Nintendo had better explained it on their damn website.

  11. That last comment about HDMI and the dock kind of implies it’s not standard HDMI Alt Mode.That would be a shame if you wanted to bring a Switch to a friend’s house and play on TV without having to lug the whole dock also.

      1. That was my point. If it supported standard HDMI Alt Mode, you can just buy a standard USB C to HDMI cable. The last point in the article implies you can only connect to the TV via the dock. So back to my comment: it implies if you want to connect to a TV at your friend’s house, you need to have a dock to do it.

        1. I see…

          You weren’t talking about your friend’s dock, you were talking about a more portable peripheral that you, yourself, can carry with your Switch.

  12. The gamepad was not $95 to make.

    It’s got an 840×480 IPS screen with a resistive touch sensor, an ARM chip based on the same CPU core as the DS with an h.264 decoder and encoder and 4MB of memory, 32MiB of serial flash, a gyroscope, a mic, two speakers, two IR lights, a VGA camera, a Wi-Fi antenna, NFC controller, and an IR blaster.

    The DSi managed to have two LCD screens, the same CPU core, 128MB of RAM, 256MB of flash storage, 2 VGA cameras, 2 Wi-Fi chips, 2 speakers, a mic, a hinge, an SD card slot, and a Game Card slot and that has a bill of materials of $78 including the boxed materials like AC adapter and manual back in 2009.

  13. “Anything she wants to do she can. No limits.”
    Then why am I not seeing the other big publishers rushing to put their AAA games on it?

  14. Having played with the Pro several times on Splatoon 2, those triggers are not analog, they are digital.

  15. Hearing that bit about the Online Service makes me feel a lot better. If the game doesn’t disapear while on my console, I won’t be mad.

  16. For the love of god, someone can confirm that this “free game” it’s like XboxLive free games?
    If you have gold, and they give you a free game, you can download it, and play it offline if you want, and it’s yours to keep; you Can play it online IF you want with gold, but it’s not necessary..

    Does that mean Nintendo will only will give us, VC games with online, so we play 1month for free and then if we buy the game it only will last(if we have subscription) until Nintendo move on to Other game, but i can’t “play” that game if i Don’t have subscription?

    Sorry i’m so confused by this..

  17. “It has to read that the switch is docked, switch the signal to hdmi (since the switch doesn’t have a hdmi port on the unit itself) and then hdmi to TV.”

    So basically DisplayPort converted to HDMI, as I’d thought.

    If the free game download is true, and you don’t have to pay another fee (just keep subscribed to the online service ala PSN), then that would be a great way to get out some great netplay-enabled VC titles. I just hope they offer more than just Nintendo emulation. I know we’re getting Neo Geo, but getting other systems like the Mega Drive will be huge again.

  18. That sounds great and all, but will the system not have a laughable existence like the wiiu. That’s the real concern.

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