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Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games Ranked By Total YouTube Views

A keen NeoGAF user, Las7, Β has gone through the trouble of compiling a comprehensive list of the top 5 Nintendo Switch games ranked by viewing numbers and split by region. Check out the list below:

Nintendo USA:

Nintendo Japan:

Nintendo UK:

Nintendo DE:

Nintendo France:

Unsurprisingly, Splatoon takes the crown in Japan whilst Zelda: Breath Of The Wild shows impressive viewing numbers everywhere else apart from the US where Super Mario OdysseyΒ is getting the most attention. Although the Bowser Family Fun video uploaded by Nintendo to showcase the Switch’s parental controls isn’t a game; it appears to be a popular choice n Japan and the US.

With pre-orders running dry and more information about the Switch trickling through, which titles have caught your interest the most? Let us know below.



  1. It’s so unreal seeing Splatoon more popular than Mario in Japan of all things when the series is bigger.

    As for Zelda, we already know the series just has a bigger following in the West than Japan.

  2. i’m still waiting for nintendo to revealed the cost of the pay online service for the switch. i don’t know if we have to used our nintendo network IDs to register in the console. i’m still waiting for that.

    1. they probably won’t announce the price soon. If they’d announce a pricetag of 10 bucks/month right now, ppl would be really getting mad as they don’t even have any clue about Nintendo’s offerings, haven’t played any session online on the Switch and so on. If they announce it in summer when ppl had the chance to try it out with MK8 and Splatoon (and who knows what else) it might trigger a different reaction.

      I hope for something like 50-60 bucks a year.

  3. Are there any pre-orders in the States still open? Just curious, I pre-ordered mine day one at Gamestop (second in a line of about 10 or 12 people, got there at 7am).

  4. I dint even watch the vids on nintendo uk I watch the 8mil mario guess people in the uk like me just watched the usa trailers

    1. It’s the same in germany as well. It’s just normal to use the channel that appears to be the main one I guess.

    1. Already pre ordered, I refuse to experience the same bs issue that gamestop put me through when they were the exclusive retailers for the first XBC on wii. Those greedy bastards had the audacity to claim XBC Wii was in short demand, placed the new copies under used and began price gouging the damn game. That was the only game that I pirated on the wii because of gamestop and their greed. This IP was also the reason I no longer buy anything at Gamestop, that retailer is a cesspool of greed.

  5. As awesome as Switch is, I really don’t thing I’ll be worrying or thinking about getting my hands on one until next year the earliest for sure. Nintendo is definitely making a huge return this time around….but because of their more so lack of content and such, they HAVE to skimp launch numbers to secure big impact sales all at once to make it spear impressive to other gamers (which gamers are either in or not without the idea it’s just because of sales). Loyalists and so-so’s know what’s up here. It has to be this way for investors eyes on them after the luke-warm run with Wii U last time. (Not bashing it….I got one and felt on top of then realized it had NOTHING but ports, vc and 1 major Mario…even after 2 years it took me to get one. Now, I have another one and really enjoy the convenience of taking it everywhere for what it is and playing my zelda collection which is my Wii U console purpose.). I don’t like the size of the Joycon controllers so far (maybe it’ll be different if I held one?), I am not impressed with the launch of games with it. (Zelda IS the console push right now but most of us are getting it for Wii U, anyways, myself included). I am concerned about the sketchy online details as of now (I know E3 will reveal so much even after launch). I don’t care for them selling “what the system can do if we decide to utilize it JUST like Wii U that NEVER approached the fullest potential of the Gamepad like we seen in the E3 2011 tech demo. It may be something I need more research on before I even consider it for certain.

    1. Or you can do what all people does best– buy the system. Thus, you’re fully supporting Nintendo for making a more reliable, fun, and unique video game system. Fuck research and just buy the Nintendo Switch.

  6. I am going to buy it. There’s just no need this year for me in what I prefer. I’m not against this at all, it’s just the tech demo games sold as main titles outside of Breath Of The Wild that I don’t need because I don’t like games like that.

    1. “ARMS” & “1, 2 SWITCH” are not games. I’m not looking for a debate or opinions towards them. I just don’t care for that stuff or those games…just like Wii Sports. No thanks.

    1. I did wonder that myself. I mean, sure, it’s Mario, but Zelda had become the true series since Ocarina Of Time. At least IMO.

  7. Nintendo should package 1,2,switch or Arms with their Joy Con controllers. Just like they did with the motion plus. It would sell millions and give Nintendo bragging rights. Also, the reason Mario beat out Zelda is because it was a reveal trailer where Zelda has already had tons shown.

  8. Japan loves Splatoon? Legit true.
    Europe loves Zelda? Legit true. I should know.
    America loves Mario? Legit true.

    Switch = Legit true?

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