The day has come and Nintendo Switch pre-orders are now live across Japan. Pre-orders for the system and games are off to a good start with the Grey Nintendo Switch console proving to be more popular than the Neon Nintendo Switch. As expected the top selling pre-order is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link’s huge open world adventure is followed by 1-2-Switch and Super Bomberman R. Japanese consumers are also extremely interested in the Pro Controller which has proved to be a popular accessory




  1. Well, 1-2 Switch seems to be doing much better in Japan than elsewhere. I got the impression that it was designed for that market more than a western/European one, so I’m not surprised.

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      • If the paid online is trash, I’m not paying. If it’s as good as sony or microsofts, I can accept that. The renting a game for a month is a joke compared to actually getting games to keep from the other guys (sony at least, not sure on microsoft).

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        • Of course, this early in the console’s lifespan there aren’t enough games to start giving them out for free. Maybe those of you lucky enough to get the system on day one will get a deal similar to the 3DS’s ambassador program. But, somehow I doubt it.


          • An ambassador program would be cool, I was part of that for the 3DS. But I don’t see that happening either. As for games, I forget if they mentioned VC or not at launch or launch window or at all, but if it is, then I would imagine there would be a handful of games released initially to choose from. But their VCs have never been too stellar so I shouldn’t expect this time to be any different lol.

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          • I highly doubt an ambassador program is gonna happen. If they haven’t done it with the WiiU of all systems, it seems unlikely to me that they would do it with any other console. But yea, it’s not impossible, by any means.
            As for not having enough games to give away, well, there’s still things they could do much better. Giving more than just one single game as a bonus would be an option, you get 6 games from Sony per month, cross-platform even. And letting people keep the games, instead of making them be playable just for that one single month seems to be something they absolutely need to do as well. As for variety, games could range from Virtual Console to indie games, and eventually, full games. From what we have heard so far, the service really sounds anything but good. Let’s hope it will turn out much better than it seems to be right now.


        • You are actually just renting the games, once you stop paying, those games are unplayable waste of space.

          But yeah, Nintendo could do way better with their offering.
          They could easily charge 10$ to 15$ a month for online if they made a “netflix” of classic games from nes to N64, including Sega and other consoles there as well.
          But Nintendo’s own properties alone would make a hefty service.

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    • Lucky you.
      I live in Brazil and I even don’t know when I will get one, I’m really excited for the switch, but I think I will have to wait weeks of maybe months until I buy one.. :(


  2. When I got my reserve in, the employee was telling how they’re getting far less of the neon console. They were getting 31 of the grey and 9 of the neon. So I think the neon selling less is to be expected, just based on what I was told.

    Maybe that’s not an issue for Japan though. Also, I still haven’t seen the option to pre-order a Pro controller where I live. Pretty lame.

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    • japs tend to not get that easily on board of hype trains for games that are months away from release.
      PS4 started extremely slow, sometimes even beaten by Wii U weekly, until real games started to hit the system.

      Splatoon 2 will be huge there, if Nintendo plays their cards right.
      Then continue riding that wave with jrpg’s and other games they like over there.
      japanese developers will be 100% on board this system.

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      • Yes – it’s right that they don’t release Spla2oon until the summer – they will have chance to gauge demand for consoles and get any supply hiccups under control. . Fantastic! Spla2oon will sell 3 million copies in Japan and of course that means a minimum 3million console user base jus tin that country alone! :D IT’S ALL LOOKING SO GOOD! :D


          • Hmm, how are you going to play online on the go though? It would work well with the singleplayer mode, but online would be a bit complicated, I can imagine, in relation to wifi access. Guess you could use your phone as a hotspot, but I have no idea how much data a single match would use up.


            • There are WiFi spots, also technology on wireless communication is advancing pretty fast.
              My data packet is limitless, so I’m going to try the LTE connection on it when I can.
              Packet loss is the most relevant concern. The speeds are pretty good, even in my neck of the woods.

              And as I have heard, Japan is way ahead on the technology adaptation than we are.

              Nut I do not know if they can get limitless data packets.
              For us it might work, because there is not a million people connected to the same tower.

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              • Good points. The country I live in is pretty behind on wifi technology honestly, we don’t even have limitless data packets yet, I believe. But I know that some Asian countries are way ahead indeed. In Korea for example (or, certain parts of Korea), wifi access is available anywhere, so Japan can’t be too far away from reaching that point, I’d think. But yea, I don’t know any details about the current wifi situation in Japan, so I was just wondering what you think on how it would work.


                • Last I read something about it, I think they were about to get 1 gigabit wireless connections there.
                  Think fastest our wireless connection is 300mb. I have 50mb connection on my phone, home wired connection is 300mb.
                  Certainly interested to see how Switch compares on those 2 connections.

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  3. I cant believe that 1-2 Switch is being preorderd at all, never-mind in 2nd place. It looks so bad, worse then anything I’ve seen in a long time. I am beginning to understand all the impressively-shitty decisions Nintendo makes though. Might have something to do with their locals. They don’t seem to want a console or a TV to play their games on, just toys. Nintendo could probably just give them a stick with an N on it and tell them to pretend its a gun or a wand or something. I don’t know, I always had this vision of Japanese gamers and now that has changed a little. Who cares though, by the time you finish reading this you will begin to feel better and remember that you don’t believe in this shit.

    Power to the people!


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