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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Features New Amiibo Outfits And 5 Types Of Battle Mode

PR images provided by Nintendo Poland show that the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch will have five types of Battle Mode: Shine Runners or Shine Thief – Coin Rush – Balloon Battle – Bob-omb Blast – New Piranha Plant mode.


The company also revealed some rather cute new amiibo costumes for the latest Mario Kart game which you can check out below in the image gallery.

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  1. Nice! Glad to see the new content (excluding the fact that all DLC is already included) is actually pretty significant.

    1. Meh, I still think it will suck. It still wont have any new RACE tracks, and will likely get boring as fast as the original did. New characters are okay, but they don’t add as much as people glorify them to be. I mean, it’s not like they have their own playable little story mode/origin.
      It’s cool how they added battle stages but I can’t help but feel that the original MK8 was sabotaged just so the Switch version can seem better.

      1. I don’t know if it was sabotaged for the Switch so much as time and budget. The Switch was barely in development at that point. MK8 also only had a 1.5 year dev cycle or something to that effect, and they committed to a release window early on in that. Given that people were tired of Wii U delays by the time that approached, I can see why battle mode got shafted (though why it wasn’t added as dlc, I don’t know).

    1. Wait… If Shine Sprites make their way back to this game, it means Shine Sprites are making a comeback on the Switch!!!

      OMG OMG OMG!!!

      Think about it. Many new features implemented in every Mario Kart game came from related games on the platform. Super Mario Kart had Boos and Feathers, Double Dash had Gamecube specific goodies, Mario Kart 8 got a Bell cup (the Cat item from Mario 3D World), and so forth.

      It means that Super Mario Sunshine is coming back in a whole new way!! Maybe Delfino and Pianta people as well?

      Wow this is exciting!!

  2. I might repurchase this, maybe, I’m hoping they give Ssb4 the same treatment adding splatoon characters and a few more like King K Rool…

    1. Man ever since I caught wind that SSB4 was gonna get an enhanced release I held back on getting the final DLC characters after Cloud for Smash Bros. you can imagine how disappointed I am that we haven’t heard any news on Smash 4 yet.. Hopefully rumors are true and we still get a Smash 4 deluxe.

    2. I’m hoping that they include Nana and Popo (Ice Climbers). Now they don’t have to match up two versions of the game anymore. And they did say that they had a working version of Ice Climbers for Wii U.

  3. Sweet. Too awesome. Here I am hoping for voice chat and match making etc on the actual system, instead of this lame as f**k app on the smartphone. This makes it all better now. It doesn’t matter that nobody will be playing online because of the way they did it but at least ill be able to see my characters in some new outfits and battle myself in battle mode.

      1. Next time read the whole comment moron. I do mention the amiibo clothing because thats whats important here. They are saying, “Hey, Don’t look over there but instead look over here” I know you wont understand that but that’s your problem. Don’t look at the rust under the shiny new paint.

  4. My only real issue with the original Mario Kart 8 was needing amiibo to unlock outfits. Like Mario Kart 8, if I get Deluxe, it’s gonna be incomplete since I refuse to buy every single damn amiibo. Least Super Mario Maker had an alternate way to unlock the stuff you got from amiibo. :/

    1. Then again, if they didn’t have that fucking thing staring you right in the face showing you won’t costumes you don’t have because you don’t have that amiibo, I wouldn’t have been as bothered by it. *right eye twitch*

  5. The only new one is Inkling. It looks like some details to the costumes are slightly different but overall they’re all basically the same. There are tons of amiibo they could’ve used for costumes, I don’t know why they only made one new one. Missed opportunity.

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