US: Nintendo Spent An Estimated $1.9 Million On Ads In December And January, which measures TV advertising in real-time, have released figures regarding advertising spend, ads shown and audience engagement in the US. Nintendo came in at a positive fifth place overall. Take a look at some of the figures:

  • 4.4 percent of the video game industry’s digital SOV. (Share of voice)
  • 45.94 percent of the brand’s engagement came from “Super Mario Maker: Play Everywhere. Create Anywhere”
  • Nintendo ran seven commercials 692 times, which resulted in 97.4 million TV ad impressions
  • Estimated spend of nearly $1.9 million
    – ads generated 1,738,797 online views, 1,360 social actions and 9,882 searches

With Nintendo upping their presence online, partnering with McDonald’s and having a major spot in the Olympics closing ceremony, it would seem that their Marketing department are intent on keeping Nintendo in the spotlight.

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    1. 2 million in marketing is a piss in a ocean, especially for continent as large as US.
      For some games marketing can be 1/2 of whole budget, those are the games you can not miss, even if you tried.
      Common 3rd party AAA multiplat has at least 1/3 in marketing.

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