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New Details On Pokémon Bank’s Virtual Console Compatibility

Despite its planned January release date, we’ve yet to hear anything about Pokémon Bank’s Sun and Moon update. However, Nintendo Hong Kong have broken the silence and revealed some details about it. Announced in a Nintendo Direct, Bank will allow players to transfer their original Kanto Pokémon up from the Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. We now know these time travelling Pokémon will feature a special Game Boy on their summary screens and will even have a chance of having their Hidden Ability. Due to changes in the games since 1996, the Pokémon will randomly be assigned a nature and will likely have three IVs at maximum. Hopefully we’ll get a more concrete release date soon.

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  1. ust a PSA:
    All pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow/Green will have their hidden ability when transferred. Every single one of mine has theirs.
    So rip the dream you guys had of No Guard fissure Machamps lol.


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