It looks like Nintendo Switch could take a significant amount of time to load a game from the console’s main menu. For example, the video below shows that it takes more than 10 seconds to go to the start screen for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While this may be an improvement over Wii U, it pales in comparison to the load times of virtually all games on smartphones and other tablet devices. Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch worldwide on March 3 for $299.99.




    • I remember cassette tapes… but that was back when half the excitement of gaming was successfully finding the game and then getting to play it because you got it to load. ;D

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  1. 10 seconds is not a big deal. Why is this worth reporting? A console like the Switch shouldn’t really be expected to be a massive powerhouse since it’s the first of its kind. Naturally, there’s gonna be SOME limitations in it.

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  2. Um… most PS4 and Xbone games i play take like a minute to load so this is pretty fast. Not to mention it takes me over a minute just to get back to the menu from an online match in Star Wars BattleFront.

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  3. That is not a long load time! If you have actually played any mobile games you would see that usually they take a minute or two to load and also need an update almost everytime you play them. Ten seconds is a fantastic amount of time as it is not very slow at all and gets you ready for the game! HECK the PS4 has load times for many of their games that last 45-60 seconds like on games such as Battlefront and Overwatch which takes a miserably long time as it only shows a still of the game while you are waiting for it to load

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  4. Blah blah blah

    Do people forget how long the Wii U took when it launched? It seemed like ages but they did updates after launch and sped it up.

    10 seconds to start on the Switch before they do any updates is quite an improvement.

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  5. Another atrocious article. You’re comparing apples and pears…. which is not okay.

    Switch is a dedicated console. Like the PS4 and Xbox One. It plays games in the traditional sense. Big games, with big budgets. Medium games, small games. Video games.

    Switch is not a mobile phone. Nor is it a tablet. This means it is not like the iPhone, iPad or a Pixel, Galaxy or anything similar. It does not play bite size, simple and stripped down Apps.

    These are not the same.

    10 seconds to load a Zelda game is incredible. The additional seconds from in-game menu to playing is also amazing.

    Compare that to PS4 booting something like The Last Guardian, Rise of the TR, Infamous… yeah, it’s outstanding.

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  6. wew. compare this to something like the xbox one with comparable hardware. it’s impressive how quickly a device this small can render and load a game as huge and expansive as breath of the wild.

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  7. A game’s loading time depends on a lot of things with size being one of them. Breath of the Wild is 13.4GB on the Switch and it has 4GBs of memory. If it’s on internal storage and they’re filling RAM on game boot then loading it form 350MB/s flash memory would take 11 seconds.

    If we take the download size of Final Fantasy IV off Google Play, we see is 446MB meaning this whole game can be loaded into memory in less than 2 seconds.

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  8. I think what the article is asking, is if 10 seconds to load a Nintendo game is really an improvement given the Switch uses Cartridges.

    The good thing we can get from the article is that we shouldn’t expect instant loads like other Nintendo cart systems, and that if switch DOES get a big third party game, it’s likely it will be closer to current hen load times. Which is not what I personally expected. I thought the cartridges were going to be a lot faster, at least that’s how we’ve all been expecting it to work.

    I guess we won’t really know until we get to see Switch load a large, 3rd party title. Not just a Nintendo game that we know damn well is compressed and optimized like all Nintendo’s software.
    Now, if Switch could load, say, GTAV in 10-15 seconds… well that would be a miracle!


    • And now that I’ve said that… if switch could load a current gen, non-Nintendo game at CURRENT accepted load times, given its running on a mobile processor and half the ram, that’s actually a plus for switch and would be the first sign of Cartridge advantages.

      Unfortunately, all we have to go on are WiiU ports and Indie games. It would be awesome to see Mass Effect be a surprise release title. I plan on clocking some serious time in that game and would consider buying a switch version of I had the option. The latest trailer was very cool.

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    • In a game like Zelda or GTA the time it takes to load is a matter of how much of the world you want to load into the RAM at start. Both of these games are obviously too large to load entirely, so, I suppose you mean that a graphically more demanding game, like GTA V, needs to load more into the memory so that it doesn’t have to stop for loading too often.

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  9. ||Irrelevant and illogical comparison, other than that, it will take 10 seconds to erase the last Xbots from the caved in our honeworld when Phase 3 begins…||

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  10. ||Irrelevant and illogical comparison, other than that, it will take 10 seconds to erase the last Xbots from the caved in our homeworld when Phase 3 begins…||


  11. What’s the problem. the game is started in 10 seconds from a cartridge. Starting multiplayer in Titanfall 2 takes me 30 to 60 seconds. Start Halo Wars 2 right now and it takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
    Most Xbox Titles need to sync before they are ready if you switch to a different profile what takes 10-15 seconds. Are people going insane right now bashing this system?


  12. Have you ever loaded Pokemon Go? It takes like TWO MINUTES to load and sometimes it’s just a blank screen afterwards and you have to close the game again and load it again for 2 minutes. 10 seconds is an amazing short time!

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  13. Whoever wrote this article comparing it to smartphone devices THIS IS A CONSOLE, IT PLAYS CONSOLE GAMES if you’re honestly gonna say 10 seconds is too long to load Zelda, you should go try playing Zelda on your smartphone device. Oh wait, you can’t? I wonder why…

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  14. Cynical old me reckons that alba has played us all like a damn fiddle, intentionally using an unfair comparison to rile people up and ultimately gain more clicks. I wouldn’t put it past a site like this to do such a thing.

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    “a significant amount of time” My ass.
    10 seconds is insignificant. Writing this comment took longer.

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  16. We’re all sitting here complaining about this trash article while MyNintendoNews is getting rich from our clicks, they win either way. Well, except if you have adblock. Hue

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  17. Just to keep it real, Zelda is not huge game in the world of gaming… in Nintendo’s ecosystem, yes. In the ocean of current hen games, it’s respectable, but on the medium small size. Just FYI.


  18. It isn’t a mobile phone or tablet, so the load times shouldn’t be compared to that, they should be compared to other consoles. Next question, is this load time from cartridge or internal memory? Because I remember that Smash on Wii U took about a minute to load from disc and about 40 seconds to load from HDD. 10 seconds still isn’t bad. I’m sure the size of the game plays part in the load times.

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  19. Is this a joke article? I own a PS4 and Xbox One S and every game Ive played either takes about that long or even longer to launch. Also there’s no installs required either(at least not yet). Also every game ever has to load again to start the actual game after the main menu and the Switch seems to do that pretty quickly as well. Breath of the Wilds actual loading times compared to other open world games like GTA V,Skyrim, Just Cause 3 is like 500% faster.

    I don’t usually go out of my way to defend a system but come the hell on guys

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  20. omg 10 seconds , thats it i’m canceling my pre order for the switch , what a dumb a…. what are you comparing this too ??? mobile games ??? well they too are about the same loading time if not longer and there extremely small files in comparisment ,all the games will load faster on switch compared to ps4 and xbox cus its cartridge base you dipstick

    mann the things i read online


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  21. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    10 seconds is a significant amount of time!? Bull, shit! Although, I do gotta wonder how long a digital game will take to load. Hopefully 10 seconds for that, too.


  22. 10 seconds? oh no that’s so long what am I going to do while I wait?

    Pffttt 10 seconds isn’t long at all considering the fact Xbox One takes longer to boot up and some games take about 10 seconds to load as well so it’s no big deal at all.


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