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Here’s How Splatoon 2 Will Use Voice Chat And Social Media

One thing that isn’t entirely clear regarding the Nintendo Switch is how players will communicate with other. The official Splatoon Twitter account says that Splatoon 2 will support online lobbies and voice chat through the official Nintendo smartphone application. Siliconera has translated the information and found out the following:

The game and app works together by letting you invite friends via social media, then start up a game and voice chat with your buddies. The voice chat also works with the game. For example, prior to the teams of a private match are set, players will get to talk to each other, but once the teams are decided, you’ll only get to speak to your own teammates. However, you won’t get to talk to strangers in the same way.




    1. I wouldn’t call it “useless”. It’ll be a little more convenient to use this than Discord, in the sense that you can handle setting up the match and voice chat on the same app. Also the little touches like being able to talk to everyone in the lobby but only your team in the match are something.

      Of course that’s not to say it’s good – quite the opposite. It’s awful compared to any voice chat service Microsoft, Sony, or Steam have provided. But it’s not “useless”. It’s better than Wii U’s option of absolutely nothing.

  1. I hope there are more options to voice chat, makes sense if you are not docked, but if you are connected to a tv thats horrible.

  2. This has to be the option when you have the Switch in handheld mode away from your house with no wifi connections because if it’s this is also the option of when you have the Switch docked as a ” home system ” then this is a terrible idea. I’m gonna be confident and assume there are more ways to voice chat when the Switch is docked because if not, Discord may be the best option considering it’s free unless Nintendo’s app has more features and incentives

  3. Garbage…
    So they expect me to buy a headset with one plug, pay for their stupid app. Wear the headset without game audio. So I can expect audio echo from other peoples game

          1. Really? That’s actually pretty cool!

            Nonetheless, he’s complaining about voice chat on a train which….makes no sense as that’s a given. You don’t use a phone either.

          2. You Europeans are so lucky for mass transportation. Here in the US you only have a car. Only Major Major cities with millions of people have a subway or anything close to mass transportation.

  4. I think the idea of being able to manage voice chat and all that entails (groups, muting, etc) via your phone is interesting as it means it could be faster than having to navigate through menus on the Switch. I still think it should be an optional thing for it though.

  5. Nintendo, stop. Now. This is retarded. I would just use Facebook entirely if I want to instead of using an app. Take your app and shove it with your unsold Weak U pile.

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Please be a secondary option & not THE only option! I’m not paying for online otherwise! It’s a rip off & a bit of a scam if you have to pay for shit that you can’t even use on the console itself & need a secondary, 3rd party device for.

    Dumbtendo has to die so Nintendo can finally do shit right!

  7. I like this way because chat with strangers is really bad I hate kids just making stupid noises or other people having conversation just by themselves thats hilarious I had to block them every time.

  8. I like what Nintendo did with the app, it’s cool that you can setup and control it all from your phone, setting up parties, muting people in the middle of a game, without interrupting what you’re doing on the console… What they got wrong is by making you plug your headset into your phone… -_- How am I supposed to hear someone shooting at me in Splatoon if I have my headphones plugged into my phone

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