Fire Emblem Heroes Players Get Their 10,000 Hero Feathers Due To Amount Of Retweets

You may have spotted that earlier today Nintendo of America sent out a tweet announcing that if they received 10,000 retweets on Twitter then they will give all Fire Emblem Heroes players 10,000 hero feathers. The feathers are apparently required in “promoting” your characters to higher rarities. So there you go, you’ve now got 10,000 feathers as Nintendo of America easily surpassed the target. Good work!


    1. It is in my opinion. I wouldn’t have know about this otherwise. Plus, 10k feathers is a pretty huge deal.

  1. Question for people who have played this, (haven’t done much research because I don’t want spoilers) but how does the death system work? Do they keep FE’s permadeath system? Can you bring them back? Can you manipulate it by shutting off the app?

    1. There’s no permadeath. People just come back after every round. The game would suck with permadeath in its current condition. It works for the main game, but trust me i would hate this game if permadeath was in it. And I’m a big fan of permadeath in the main series. Paying for orbs would be essential if the game had permadeath.

    1. I got about 1000 after season end.
      You can easily get that by beating the lowest opponent in duel.
      To make 4 star a 5 star, you need 20 000 feathers…

        1. Its really nothing serious, you play against AI characters of someone elses team.
          If you spend all your duel swords daily and pick the weakest opponent, you should get at least 1000 feathers by the season end.

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