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Game Informer March Cover Is The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

In a surprising turn of events Game Informer has revealed that their exclusive cover for March is for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While you will have to read the actual magazine for more in-depth details, the team over at Game Informer have said that they’ve played the game more extensively than anyone outside of Nintendo.

The Early impressions for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild showed an impressive and surprising new direction for the series, and our extended time with the game only cemented that opinion. We experienced more of the game than anyone outside of Nintendo, playing through a dungeon in its entirety, exploring the sprawling open world of Hyrule for hours, discovering Shrines, appreciating the wildlife, and fighting surprisingly powerful monsters (including the dungeon boss, Wind Blight Ganon, and a Guardian). We may have not lived through our battle with the Guardian, but we can tell you about it. Finally, we spoke extensively with longtime Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma as well as Zelda’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto about Breath of the Wild and the larger Zelda franchise.




  1. Pretty epic, if not expected for that month’s cover.. Random thought.. Zelda looks pregnant to me in the image. Am I just crazy? I know she’s not, and I know it’s not in the game, the artwork just makes her look pregnant to me.

    1. Hehe that’s just this kind of dress and the not-so-well decision to wear the belt at that position. It’s actually a pretty precise drawing as she would look just as pregnant in real life ;D
      I just know that some women tend to wear belts like this and … yeah what shall I say, they just all end up looking pregnant.

    2. Nah, it’s the type of dress. The illustrator has just been too much meticolous and since this isn’t aimed to critics but commoners he has overdone.

  2. The cover art is obviously from the WiiU edition. Once the WiiU edition is out, and fans discover all the gamepad has to offer because the devs secretly left in all the original gameplay functionality, then Switch sales for Zelda will plummet and the N3DS will get a BotW port made by Monolith!! MWAHAHAHA

    1. Features like how every other Zelda has used a second screen recently? Inventory, map, etc.?

      How exciting *rolls eyes*

      1. They demonstrated those features briefly and yes, it would’ve been quite an advantage over the Switch-version. Being able to change inventory or set waypoints on the fly would create quite a better flow gameplaywise. I’m currently playing WWHD on the Gamepad and never on the TV and it’s really a step back to always have to pause what you’re doing to do pretty simple tasks within the inventory screen.

        Maybe not a gamechanger but then again who knows what else they had in mind when designing it for the WiiU. Pikmin 3 for instance also was pretty much using the Gamepad for a map, but it was developed so well, it really added to the game, especially when jumping between characters.

    2. I hope they keep all the Wii U features. A second screen in Windwaker was great. But I’m still getting the Switch version because I do think it will be the superior version. Not just in Framerate but colors and details as well. One easy comparison to make is the volcano in the Wii U version. You can’t really see any lava and the smoke is kind of generic looking. In the Switch version, the same exact image you can see lava coming down the sides of the volcano and the smoke looks far more natural. If something as obvious as that is so easy to spot I could only imagine all the other superior looking details the Switch will have over the Wii U version.

      1. They won’t. Nintendo already clarified (at least I’m pretty sure about that) that they don’t want the Switch version to have any disadvantages against the WiiU version so they cut all WiiU-exclusive features out. And their plan kinda works. Until then, even if I was planning to get it on the Switch anyways, there was always the silent voice in my head to buy it on the WiiU and just wait with the Switch at all as the WiiU version is the version that game was originally meant to be and just like Twilight Princess it would end up beingt the version I’d enjoy more. But after those news, I just thought ‘f*ck it’ as Switch’s ability to play this game on the toilet outweights just every possible disadvantage. If they don’t utilize the Gamepad, then the WiiU version won’t have anything to offer for me. Despite still being the original version but it will show if that’s really gonna make such a difference. On youtube there are videos claiming the color balance would be far better on the WiiU which would make perfect sense as the Swicth version is still just a port. But then again, I won’t care after playing it 2 minutes just like I didn’t care to play Bayonetta on the WiiU while its colors weren’t as saturated as other versions. The eyes and brain just get used to it so quickly. And I don’t see anything else that could be a problem. Plus the Switch version might run way, way smoother in terms of framerate.

        1. I don’t think the colors will be better on the Wii U version. I saw a side by side done by Gamexplain (not official since the games haven’t been released) and the Switch version looked far superior. Colors, shadows, textures, were all superior on the Switch side.

          1. Yeah, as I already preordered it, I’d be cool with that. But in any case I doubt any version will suck in terms of colors. Maybe the one has more contrast, maybe not, in the end it will just be nothing but a different mood and nothing that will really affect the impression of the game at all.

            omg am I hyped for that game, I can’t believe it :)

      2. I respect your opinion.
        I’m really interested in seeing some legit side by side videos after launch. That way they can be compared in an unbiased environment.
        Still. I’m sure everyone will like what version they are getting. :)

        I hope my “mwah” reflected my acknowledging that was a trolly comment, as opposed to my sincere rants. ;D

        1. Oh yea, I knew you were being sarcastic, lol. And nobody really knows which version will actually be better until the game launches and we get to put them side by side like you said. I would say the Wii U version would be the best IF they didn’t pour so much resources into the Switch version. By now, the Switch version is far more than just a port IMO. I could be wrong though. I was really looking forward to having that world map on the second screen though..

          1. I hope they at least left me the map on the screen also. With the minimalist hud, it would be great!

            I’m honestly OK with the Switch version looking a little better, although they are mostly the same size. I am mostly hoping for as many gamepad features as I can get, but I’m not holding my breath.

      1. Lol. I will probably get the switch version someday. Honestly, there are not enough games on Switch that peak my interest and warrant the expense. I am fine with my current array of consoles right now. You guys do the early adopter thing, and I’ll jump in when there’s something of value to me!

        Even if they announce a new Metroid, I doubt it will be out for a year or two at the earliest, so I’m in no rush. I’ve spent the last 20 years supporting Nintendo with my wallet, even when people heckled.

        It’s not my Nintendo anymore. I’m sitting this launch out. I’m too old for this Nintendo roller coaster shit. XD

    1. You have to be careful what you read from here on out about Zelda. While I appreciate MNN and I like visiting this site, they are extremely bad about posting spoilers to upcoming games.

  3. I saw Zelda and went straight to comments because I knew someone would mention something about her thick look lol. Good thing as it appears there is a spoiler within the article…. I’ll just quietly click the back button now….

  4. At least GameInformer has taste in a cover for once, instead of the same black, brown, and dark grey (with hints of blood red) you normally see on their covers. Seriously, no Mario, no Pokemon, no Sonic, or even Donkey Kong Country for them. And this is during the post-Nintendo Power end.

    But yeah, their magazines are cluttering up my room.

  5. Well this confirms that there are indeed seperate dungeons from the shrines as they distinctly refer to them as different things. This is what I thought, but Aonuma just loves to word things in a confusing way.

  6. Zelda doesn’t look pregnant per say, we’re just used to her being ‘anime’ thin in every other game. This one she’s a bit more stocky, which makes sense considering how much harsher the environment and world is going to be in this. Not an issue for me.

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