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Splatoon 2 Will Have Less Weapons Than The First Game At Launch

While Splatoon was criticised for its lacking content when it first released two years ago, regular updates really fleshed out the game. However, it looks like the Splatoon team haven’t learnt from their mistakes. In an interview with Famitsu, Splatoon 2‘s producer revealed that they were ‘going back to zero’ with the sequel. While he did say that the game will eventually have more weapons that its predecessor, it will only get these after launch. What do you think about this decision? Tell us below.

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  1. Having less weapons is kinda dumb. But the continous updates is a great idea so on the long run I’m good.

  2. I presume it means less than what Splatoon currently has – which is plenty. Having a few less than that should be good anyway because it will allow a metagame to develop more easily, which can then be built upon by adding weapons gradually.

    The real things it needs to improve from Splatoon’s launch are that ranked mode should be there from Day 1 (though having to level up a bit to get there is an acceptable requirement) and more than 5 maps.

  3. I’m OK with less as long as they are fine tuned. I know they worked hard at balancing the current game, but some weapons like Zinc Mini Splatling and 52 Gal are just plain busted.

  4. There’s two ways to interpret this. Do they mean more the first game at launch as in when Splatoon 1 first originally launched, it’ll have less weapons than that? If so, that’s a little disappointing.

    Or does that mean at the launch of Splatoon 2, it’ll have less weapons than splatoon 1? Cause if it’s this, that’s very understandable. There were tons of weapon kits by the end of the first game’s life. Honestly, an ridiculous amount.

  5. Unless you expect them to just port all the stuff tht’s already there, which might or might not be a good idea, they will obviously need time to develop additional content.
    Expecting more content on launch is expecting the launch date to be moved to later on, as there is only so much a team of people can do in a given amount of time.

  6. This is a good idea because they needed to BALANCE the weapons. The game was horribly unbalanced for both the popper and sniper weapons… Like who’s smart idea was it to have a weapon that could splat you with one shot from the otherside of the map with hacked in damage stats…

  7. This is great! The trickled learning curve is useful for new beginners not getting mashed by experienced players! Well done for sticking to your guns on this Nintendo. :-)

  8. I don’t mind, i was always a big fan of the continual updates because then it gave me a reason to keep playing the game, and it was easier to try new things a little at a time, rather than just to be overwhelmed by a massive amount of content.

  9. This is a misleading and overly negative article.

    1. This in no way states that Splatoon 2 will START with fewer weapons than Splatoon 1 STARTED with
    2. Splatoon 2 SHOULD start with fewer weapons than Splatoon 1 has now.
    -This encourages players to experiment with different weapons before being overwhelmed by the number of choices.
    -The ongoing updates kept an aura of excitement going in the game, and kept its playerbase huge (vs. throwing it out with everything to die)
    -This encourages ongoing game balance, which is a very, very good thing (the balance was pretty great overall in Splatoon 1 at the end)
    3. “Haven’t learnt from their mistakes…” Don’t know where you got your info from, but Splatoon 1 was a huge surprise success for Nintendo. Again, ongoing excitement and word of mouth (including review updates as more content is released) >>> initial reviews

  10. For regular players of the original whom have a specific loadout they mastered and want to re-create asap (impossible anyway, since the gear has changed), I can see how this could be frustrating.

    However, as the first Splatoon, and now Himan have proved, rolling out the content gradually and allowing everyone to become familiar with the new gear and stages at the same pace really seems to enhance player appreciation of it all, and stretch out enjoyment over a longer period of time.

    For me personally, If I had played Splatoon for the first time as the Final (current) version of the game, I would have been overwhelmed by the overload of weapons that need to be unlocked and mastered, and stages to learn. I would have played for a few weeks or a month or two and never gone back, due to frustration.

    As it rolled out though, the game gave me a little bit more to come back for, unlock and master every few months, and I had positive reasons to keep enjoying the game for YEARS. Even when I had nothing left to buy, the Splatfests kept bringing me back in and reminding me how much fun it was.

    The content will all come eventually. For some types of games, like this series, it is actually WAY better this way. IMHO.

    Hyped for Splatoon 2.

  11. Less as in Less than Splatoon 1 currently has? Or Less than what Splatoon 1 had at launch?

    If it’s less than what it has now, then fine, whatever, so long as more gets added in rather quickly (like, a week after launch) since, you know, the assets and such are already created and functioning in the previous game…

  12. They do realise that when they put little content into their games, reviewers will give them low scores, right? Low score = less sales. Less sales = Dead game. How ignorant can you be? (눈_눈)

  13. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I’m not worried since they did very good updating the original on a regular basis so the lack of content wasn’t a huge detriment. I was against the idea of releasing a barebone game because I honestly didn’t trust Nintendo to not pull a bullshit move of 3rd party crap where every update is paid DLC. Since they proved the updates were really free, I’m okay with this barebone game release this time around. Just… as long as it doesn’t become a norm for other Nintendo games, that is.

  14. People who are complaining about less should ask themselves
    1. do you want more for the sake of it or do you want less but a more balanced weapon set, because my time with splatoon was a lot of weapons but most weren’t used or were just not good enough.
    2. Has anyone played Battlefield 1 here? that game has far less weapons than BF4 but was a better game for it.

    Stop complaining, play the game and see were it goes from there.

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