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E3 Will Be Open To The Public For The First Time Ever This Year

This year’s E3 will be a big one for Nintendo, courtesy of the Nintendo Switch and its game library, but it will be an even bigger one for E3 itself. This is because the Entertainment Software Association, which organizes E3 every year, has announced that the show will be open to the public for the very first time. According to the ESA, an allotment of 15,000 tickets will be made available for anyone to buy on February 13th. The tickets are priced at $250, but an early bird discount that begins on February 13th means that they will only cost $150 for the time being. There will be consumer passes, media passes, and industry passes. The tickets give attendees access to the show floor, panel discussions, and other events. We will be learning more on E3’s public plans in the coming weeks, when the ESA plans to announce more details.


57 thoughts on “E3 Will Be Open To The Public For The First Time Ever This Year”

    1. There are many other community based gaming events throughout the year. I’m skipping E3 this year now that 15,000 more people are going. It’s already overcrowded with just industry and media.

  1. “This year’s E3 will be a big one for Nintendo, courtesy of the Nintendo Switch and its game library, but it will be an even bigger one for E3 itself. ”

    I’m sorry — what?! What games? They have no game but Zelda at launch and Splatoon looks to be pushed into September. Not seeing the library here bruh.

    1. I think that not all the announcements have been made. This time, I really think Nintendo saved the big surprises for E3. It is always a competition of who announces the greatest thing.

      1. Let’s back track to what history has shown us. For the last 3 years, history has shown us that they don’t compete during E3 and do that stupid tree house presentation to avoid competing in the first place. I hold my breath and will see.

      2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

        We can only hope.

    2. keep in mind that the e3 have not been here yet. i expect e3 to be full of surprises for the switch. plus, there has been plenty of developers coming out an announcing games to come at launch. it has risen from 3-4 games to 10 by now and i’d expect one or two games to join that number of games. but i’m pretty sure lots of publishers are withholding the announcement until e3. that’s why it will be big.

    3. If Splatoon 2 hasn’t been released they have:
      Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Fire Emblem Warriors for first party.
      3rd party they have:
      Skyrim, NBA 2k18, Fifa 18, shin megami tensei, project Sonic 2017,
      Most of those won’t be covered very much by Nintendo but they could get some details of their versions.
      Also E3 is where Nintendo announces tons of games so that’s to be expected. And I didn’t include everything just the things off the top of my head. And I didn’t include anything 2018. So a pretty good list of stuff we already know, and I’m sure many surprises are to come.

      1. Skyrim is over and already out with mods. 2K is on Xbox and PlayStation right now. The new one will be too. Shin Megami isn’t even development or just started. It’s still not a persona 5. Xenoblade Chronicles hasn’t shown any gameplay. That’s an e3 game to show. FIFA is a port of ps3. Only seeing Mario and how many times do we see Nintendo having to relie on a Mario game?

        1. Um, no FIFA is not a port of a ps3 game. That’s incorrect. 2k is coming to the switch, and Shin Megami is in development. According to the Japanese release window for the switch, Xenoblade is coming this year, so GG you tried and failed.

          1. Xenoblade is confirmed 2017 without a date. Sounds like Zelda confirmation dates in 2015, and 2016. We’re in 2017 now. Just saying bro. When we get a data, I’ll say other wise. FIFA is a port from the ps3 “custom built” is a port. It’s not from the ground up. And 2K is a port. No one buys a switch for sports or nintendo games for that matter. I rather play that on a ps4 or x1. Shin has a 2017 release date I believe I saw? If I’m wrong than okay, but if that’s a 2017 release data game but is just starting development, how is that coming out now?

            1. How can you say no one buys a switch for sports games, if switch is not even out? Time will tell if people still buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, or they react to the 3rd party support.

        2. bro, first off practically everything you said is wrong. Xenoblade 2 has shown gameplay in the very first trailer that was literally almost only gameplay. Also I’m talking about E3 bro so of course i mean that’s when its being shown like what the heck. Skyrim will have some differences on Switch they will need to address sometime. 2k18 is not out yet comes out this fall on all systems. Fifa is not a port of the 360 version that was debunked a while ago, its a custom built version of 18 built specifically for the Switch. Mario is gonna be hella amazing and SO many people wanna see it. And i said nothing about persona 5. You are right about Shin Megami Tensei tho it just started development, i just thought that maybe we could get a teaser trailer or something.

          1. Stop because unless I see a human being showing off gameplay, I call BS. Remember Zelda for the Wii u when they showed off the demo at e3 and link fought the spider. That wasn’t even the game we got. Nintendo didn’t even have that game. It was a tech demo that was running off a PC. When I see it being played, I’ll call it the game were gonna get. When switch drops in price and comes with a game, I’ll get it. Right now, I’m not. Shits overpriced and the accessories are too much money. There’s no games until the holidays, and if Nintendo really wants the money, they’ll ship at that time. Until then, I’m not dropping 400 just for Zelda that’s on the wii u

            1. But that was specifically said to be a tech demo, for a game that wasn’t even confirmed to be in development, that hasn’t even come out yet all these years later. That was gameplay of an actual game, that’s been in development for years, that’s slated to release this year. HUGE difference. The first time we saw Xenoblade Chronicles X it was practically what we ended up getting, only more polished.

                  1. Dude, it’s not coming this year. Only games I see this year are Mario and Zelda. And Splatoon might make holidays since summer isn’t happening. So 3 games for one year. That’s great stuff. Wii u all over again

          2. Custom built is a port. They debunk to keep relationship with Nintendo open, but ports are rebuilds of old systems games and they get ported over. It’s normal practice. And I’m talking about persona 5, because shin isn’t going to be a persona when it drops in April.

            1. Its not a ps3 port bro. And i still don’t understand what Shin has to do with persona. Of course its not Persona 5, its Shin Megami Tensei. Tho I’m not well versed in either series so i could be missing something obvious.

              1. The series comes from shin. And shin is a good game, but I’m saying that the game isn’t going to be as good as what Persona is going to be. And EA will say it’s not a port but everyone is confirming that EA ported their FIFA title to switch. The system is another unpowered fail

                1. You haven’t even seen it yet, how do you know it won’t be as good as persona? No one official is confirming the port thing, its just a rumor that started not even from the more credible rumor sources. Also as a console it is a bit underpowered, but as a handheld it is mind blowingly powerful. Plus why does it being underpowered make it a fail? I thought a console was supposed to be about playing good games, not looking at pretty textures. The games on the Switch look to have amazing gameplay, that you can play wherever you want, however you want. It has cool features like HD rumble, and high tech motion controls. And on top of all that the games look as beautiful as the play. Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are stunning. From the little we’ve seen of Xenoblade 2 that game is absolutely beautiful. We’ve got Redout, Fast RMX, and Mario Kart 8, all of which are amazingly beautiful 1080p 60fps eyecandy games. This system has amazing games, unique features, and beautiful graphics, all while being able to be brought on the go. Doesn’t sound like a fail to me.

                  1. First off, portable is pointless if you have no games to go portable with. Secondly, the battery on the portable sucks. Third, no one cares about HD rumble when Zelda doesn’t even support it. Fail again. Third, Zelda, Splatoon and Mario are all they have, and Nintendo is back to praying Mario helps them in the holidays. It never does. It hasn’t since the Wii and before that in SNES. Mario kart 8 is an old game. Why am I going to rebuy a game that was already on Wii u and should have been 1080P at 60FPS instead of stupid upscaling 1080? So you feel okay rebuying a game just to play it at 1080P and to play it portable when it’s going to be 720P just like the Wii u was? Okay. That sounds smart right there. Breath of the wild isn’t even 60 at 1080P. The game barely cracks 30 at 900P. Hahahah. Accessories at 70 to 80 dollars. People shit on the ps4 and Xbox for 60 dollar controllers, so Nintendo turns them to 70 dollars for a pro controller and 80 for another joy controller. OMFG. Failure again. And you keep naming the same games. What else am I to look forward to this year? Arms? Snipper clippers? A port of Rayman legends that’s on Wii u and ps4 and Xbox 1? RMX? It’s boring. World of goo? Old isn’t it? Skyrim is on ps4 and Xbox 1 with mods. 2K is on more competitive systems with tourments online. FIFA is boring to me. No games bro. You sold off nothing at 300 dollars with no games and 32GB of memory. You can’t even charge the joy control while playing the game without the dock at 30 dollars? Hahaha. Nintendo went from caring about fans to just wanna the money. Iwata is doing cart wheels in the grave, cause Nintendo is trying to just be about the paper and nothing about the experience. Unless you believe Reggie’s bs and him giving you pizza hunt ideas.

                    1. Man you are just a blind hater aren’t you. I’m just gonna go enjoy my amazing Nintendo Games now. You can do… whatever it is haters like to do i guess… see you… actually probably won’t be seeing you…

        1. Lol! Really do?! Half of these games are old as shit ports, and the other half are games that haven’t even been shown. I guess you’ll love playing arms, and snipper clips.

    4. As happy as I am to have a chance to go now, this sucks for the press. Lines are long and crowded enough as is, now the general public can go too? Gonna be hell

    5. I honestly don’t get why an event like this was never open to the public to begin with. With how popular it’s been, you’d think it’d be a great money-making opportunity to open it to the public.

      1. Saying this is the first time ever is a little misleading. E3 has been open to the public in the past (although it has been a while). If you notice the official E3 twitter even says, “welcome back, consumers.” I guess a few media outlets aren’t aware though.

    6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

      I honestly like the days during E3 so I really hope this makes them relevant again. It’d be a shame for such a big event to disappear.

    7. This is significant proof of the decline of the brick-and-mortar video game store. That’s the industry E3 was built to serve, but that purpose is growing more and more outdated every year. However, people enjoy the spectacle of the event, so the event is restructuring itself accordingly.

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