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Walmart Is Not Offering Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders In Canada

Walmart has confirmed that it is not offering pre-orders for Nintendo Switch in Canada, though it is still planning to sell the console at launch on March 3. It will be available both in store and online via the Walmart website. The retailer added that while it won’t necessarily place a hard limit on how many consoles a single customer can buy, it may limit the quantity of items purchased per person.



  1. That’s pretty dumb. Also I should probably go to sleep since its 12:50am my time and i have to wake up for church in a couple of hrs… I’m pretty sure i have insomnia as this is a normal everyday occurrence… #addictedtomnn

  2. I’m in no rush, I’ll get it when its available normally on the shelves (knowing nintendo it could take a few weeks to months) Only one game that has my interest at launch, Zelda…as mostly everyone getting a switch around launch. Wait a month or 2 and you got Mario Kart (which I didn’t play since MK64!) and arms.

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