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An Early Look At The Switch’s User Profile Options

Nintendo’s next console may just be weeks away, but one lucky fan has managed to get his hands on the Switch early. Revealing the system’s secrets, Hiphoptherobot has been posting videos of the Switch’s UI to VidMe. The latest upload shows off the system’s user profile options, allowing players to choose between a Mii or a Nintendo character. While there are some pictures below, the full video can be found here.



  1. I think we’re getting Animal Crossing soon.
    Look at the “News” segment of the Switch. At the top right, there’s a tab about a Nintendo Direct, and one of the images used for that tab is one of Animal Crossing. And with the profile pictures, there are 12 Animal Crossing ones- 3 more than Splatoon got, and the same number Zelda got. So clearly, it’s a really big deal to them.

  2. nice that they stick with the Miis.Curious about what they gonna do with them this time. Liked that plaza of the WiiU but seems like there won’t be space for that this time.

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