We have got a while to wait for the highly anticipated sequel to the ink-tastic Splatoon but to tide you over we’ve got some more demo footage of the game in action. The footage is presumably taken from a recent hands-on event and showcases some direct feed footage and off-screen. Splatoon 2 launches on the Nintendo Switch this summer with a Global Testfire event taking place next month.



  1. I don’t like it, I don’t like this painting mechanics.
    Though why there are people will pistols and other with the mega-coloring bazooka? Are roles fixed so there is always that one with the mega-bazooka that have to colour everything while the others should protect him and gunning the same of the other team?
    So the protagonist is the mega-bazooka? I would like to play as the gunner protector eventually.


  2. I’m just waiting to hear/see TV mode split screen so that not everyone needs a switch for local multiplayer. Then I’ll be entirely sold to pay full price for this game


    • Splatoon on WiiU was native 720p. I’m assuming Splatoon 2 will be 1080p. Also added LAN play with spectator mode. New maps, new weapons, new clothes, new single player adventure… probably alot of other things we don’t know about regarding the squid sisters or the octolings. judd has a kitten or something like that. who cares it’s an awesome game.


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