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US: Pokemon Go Is Once Again The Highest Grossing Game On App Store

Pokémon GO is back atop of the highest grossing chart on iOS thanks to the latest update for the game. Pokémon Go hasn’t been number one on the App Store since the special New Years event which took place on January 4th. It seems the arrival of 80 more Pokémon really enticed consumers to give the game another shot and it worked rather nicely.



  1. But… Pokemon go was dead!! 😭😭 I told everyone it was dead and Nintendo failed big time with this app even though it had always been performing decent since the hype wore of. 😩😭😭😭 I’me so sad hater press raight now…

  2. The game has always been fairly popular even when the early hype died down. I’m constantly in competition for the gyms in my area so it never gets boring to play on my nightly walks.

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