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Tomorrow Corporation Games For Nintendo Switch May Not Make It At Launch

The Nintendo Switch console arrives in exactly one week, but Tomorrow Corporation is still unsure about whether three of its games will be available on launch day. The developer is still aiming to release the Nintendo Switch versions of World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine on March 3, but it is letting fans know that this may not be possible considering the lack of resources at its disposal.

“We hope we can make it! We’re still just 3 people, trying to launch 3 games on March 3rd — and it’s going to be close,” Tomorrow Corporation’s Kyle Gabler told Polygon. “For reference, the Zelda team has approximately 2.9 billion people and a really fast horse, but we’re close behind. Save some champagne for us, Nintendo, we’re going to be bloody and tired and maybe not all 3 of us will make it alive, but we’re going to get there, and the games will be stunning!”



    1. Tomorrow Corporation has a Heavy dose of dark humor in their games.

      World of Goo was fun and thought provoking.

      Little inferno was both thought provoking and had a heavy dose of dark humor.

      I haven’t finished Human Resource Machine… when you play, you’ll understand why. it’s an amazing game, and I haven’t had enough brain power to commit to it. and it does require a heavy dose of brain power.

      If you are an intelligent, open minded person with an appreciation for some dark humor,…. these guys are fucking amazing. I hope I don’t over sell it… but I love their games.

        1. For example in Little Inferno you’re basically a person or a child stuck in a room with a big fireplace as the entire world is froze over. You order toys from the catalog and burn them to keep warm when you burn them that react as if you were burning the real thing. I don’t know it’s actually kind of hard to explain LOL

          1. ||I see, can you throw Xbot toys too?…||

            ||Did you receive my coordinates?…||

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