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Video: iFixit Teardown Takes A Look Inside A Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch launched worldwide yesterday and naturally there are those that want to tear the thing apart and take a closer look at its innards. One of the teams that specialise in this kind of thing are iFixit who have taken a closer look inside at the Nintendo Switch and its components as well as taking a look at the Joy-Cons. The team came across a NVIDIA Tegra CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 16Wh battery.


  1. Unfortunately, raw power does not go together with little room to keep the system at operating temperatures. Now I see why Nintendo sacrificed performance in favor of size and “portability”: the components are hold so tight that only little heat can be generated, and dissipation needs to be extremely efficient — the other home consoles are not bigger in size without a reason.

  2. Fantastic video.
    The console is brilliantly organized as usual. Nintendo is top when it comes to engineering.
    It can be noticed that’s very easy to disassemble, this means that it will be easy to repair and to change that battery when it will die flat.
    I hope that the fan will not get obstructed with time and will continue to work decently. Fans are always the problem number one.

    Nintendo is always top when it comes to hardware, Microsoft it’s at the exact opposite. Can’t speak for Sony.

    1. That might be I don’t know but atleast Sony & Microsoft got full triple A support unlike Nintendo (Again).

      So far it looks like i’m buying this thing for a few games yet again. The biggest problem is that The Legend of Zelda has been my nr1 game since it’s very first entry, and I don’t own a WII U, so I have to buy a switch even though I really don’t feel like it. Even Mario doesn’t really do it for me anymore compared to the nes,snes and n64 mario’s. That leaves Metroid but Metroid Prime 3 was already 10 years ago. Star Fox hasn’t had a great entry since the n64. Games like Yoshi and Kirby are ok but I couldn’t care less for the 2d stuff, same for Donkey Kong Country wich should have looked like Banjo and Yooka Laylee ages ago. Still waiting for the first real pokemon game for a console like the handheld games but sick graphics and large world like breath of the wild I guess. F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Wave Race, Golden Sun and probally some more are all dead for console.

      Atleast the real members from Rare are back in the game with Yooka-Laylee but my ps4 has superior graphics and controls (my opinion) so I rather just buy it for my ps4.

      I don’t care for Smash bros, Splatoon and a bunch more so that doesn’t leave much games for the switch for me.

      1. I pretty much agree with you. I’m afraid of the Switch will be another Wii U in terms of 3rd party support. The video game industry has its idiosyncrasies, and one of them is that today you need to flatter 3rd parties, giving them both money (something that Nintendo does not seem to be fond of), and a plowed land, i.e., a decent machine power wise.

        I’m waiting for a Metroid title so bad. If this comes out, I’ll buy the Switch. If not, I’ll hold my horses and get the Switch in the end of its life cycle. I see no reason to get one soon — even Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 do not seem appealing to me. MK8? I love it, but I already own it. Splatoon 2? Nah, didn’t like the first.

        After Star Fox Zero fiasco, I barely believe we’ll see another entry in the next decade. Kid Icarus, Wave Race, Golden Sun, F-Zero? Nintendo consider them so niché that I believe they won’t bother to revisit those franchises.

      2. Yes yes sjaak, we have understood that you need ‘PC gaming’ (PS, XB is included in that definition today) to survive. That’s clear.
        No need to repeat always the same things. You are in a Nintendo channel and you are in an environment you can’t understand.
        You lose your time here trying to make a rabbit eat putrid meat. You know, rabbits are going to eat carrots no matter what.
        You take time from you precious PS/XB playtime.
        You know, we don’t go to Sonians and Xbot playground, we like our time with our fully coloured worlds, our cartoons, our deep games. Don’t need Bloodborne mediocrity and the likes.
        And for ‘those’ third parties we already have our PCs…
        We have ‘ours’ third parties, don’t worry about us. And the best first party out there too.

        Continue to play in your playground, we don’t mind. Really. It’s ok. If you would ever like Zelda, Mario, etc. you will be welcome, no probs. If not it’s useless to offer putrid meat to rabbits. Really.

        P.S.: I don’t like Splatoon nor Yooka-Laylee, I’m here for other games (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Arms, Yoshi’s, Smash, etc. plus some cool third parties like Fast RMX, Xenoblade, Project Octopath and some other multiplatforms titles like Shovel Knight, Fifa, Disgaea, etc. What will come that satisfy ME).
        I’m in no need of a Bloodborne, but if EA want to port its Mass Effect franchise they are welcome, if not for me it will be ok anyway.

          1. I was speaking for myself in fact. Though YOU can’t have everything, eventually. Life is full of choices and I have chosen Nintendo.

            Wii U is the past and I look at the future. I like the first year Switch line up more than the whole Wii U line-up anyway.

        1. Dude I own every Nintendo console ever made besides the WII U with 100-200 games most likely supporting them hardcore for around 20 years ;)

          Zelda is the only game I would buy a console for so that should say enough. And just because you don’t like “PC” games or already own a “PC” doesn’t mean those games shouldn’t be released on a nintendo console. Games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Street Fighter used to be Nintendo exclusive as far as I know. Both the first and third party library used to be way bigger. Sure graphics don’t mean everything but if graphics mean more games mean more fun I don’t see the issue. Besides it doesn’t matter what games you or me like, we should be able to play as many of them as possible specially triple A.

          1. I do like PC games, but I have a PC for that and don’t need a PS4 to mimic its qualities. Instead I like my Switch for my future ‘console’ gaming.

            Don’t know about Metal Gear, but Final Fantasy became a mediocre IP. Castlevania is dead like Konami and Street Fighter we already have it.
            If the third party will be big it will depends by Switch success alone. The point is, will you like it? I think probably not.
            We already have third party. Fifa, Disgaea, Skyrim, BlazBlue, Dragon Quest, Bomberman, Dragon Ball, Fast RMX, NBA, Sonic, Rayman, Shin Megami Tensei, Tales of …
            I understand that you don’t like anything of it, but there are people buying them. Maybe it’s not your console.
            I ditched Nintendo after the N64 (fantastic console), now I’m back. What’s on offer now does convince me.
            If the Switch will be successful I do expect far more software from third parties. This is just its launch window.

      3. So… If you only want it for Zelda, wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a Wii U? That way you can also try Xenoblade chronicles X, Monster Hunter 3U, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101 and Zombi U.

  3. Monster Hunter and Xenoblade are the only games out of those that I might like, other than that just Mario 3d World and Mario Kart. The switch will probally add some more down the line like the new zelda,mario and hopefully metroid. I get what you mean but I rather spend some more and get the newer tech. It’s just a shame that it has come this far in my opinion, cause I love nintendo deeply. I used to buy a Nintendo Console for 30-40 games now just 5-10.

    1. Ok, I see what you mean. With the Switch, I actually think they made a very good choice with the hybrid idea, and as such it wouldn’t be realistic with PS4 pro specs. With the Wii U, they should have ditched the second screen, and gone for a more expensive system with really high specs. Not that I’m interested in Western AAA games, but it would have attracted more good developers.

    2. You are wrong on the assumptions. This is meant to be Nintendo’s only console. And so it is just the best as can be. All teams focused on this. The is no more handheld division and home division but Nintendo unite on a single platform. Then, if you don’t like portable gaming and portable games this for you is a step back, but for all the others having just one good platform is wonderful. It can’t be top spec but it’s definitely powerful enough to have the best games as shown by the latest Zelda.
      Give it time, you can’t expect everything on launch or in nine months. Buy it when you see it’s good for you, just don’t depress people with ‘doom speech’. Try to understand WHAT it is, then you will understand that this world is going to be bigger.

      1. And you’re also wrong on your own assumptions as they’re just assumptions. It’s too early to call it either way, but stop justifying your purchase on potentials. At least OP is still buying a Switch, that’s still not enough in your eyes, and he makes valid points as Nintendo is no longer capturing the full market.

        If Switch fails they’ll pull out a new 3DS to save themselves and you know it. If Zelda is the top thing this can do that’s sad, it needs more optimization as is.

        The third party launch lineup was better for the U, and we know how that turned out. Same will likely happen with the Switch, you buy Nintendo for Nintendo games and nothing more. That pleases you, but not all of us.

  4. Nintendo never captured the whole market. There were always competitors: Sega, NEC, SNK.
    Than it came an electronic giant and things changed, not because of Nintendo… because Sony was a giant. Nintendo is still the market leader if you sums home with handheld. It just shifted focus.
    The only problem it had was the Wii U that was badly reclamized and supported by Nintendo itself.
    I don’t make assumptions, I repeat what Aonuma and others said: the 3DS will be supported for at least two years, there is no 3DS successor in queue, we hope people will jump from 3DS to Switch. End.
    I buy good games, and there aren’t many from third parties on any consoles, except those ported from PC that I do play on my PC.
    Every third parties is supporting actually the Switch. Big games will wait for Christmas and that’s understandable even by a rock.

    The master plan is: Switch. Then every plan can change if it is unsuccessful. That’s valid for any company.

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Agato is usually very conservative & not so pro-Nintendo but now he’s just sounding like a raging Nintendo fanboy trying to white knight Nintendo in this article because one person dares to voice his grievances. Basically, he’s coming off as a “me, me, me” person that only cares about what he likes about the Switch so he’s practically being “quit bringing MY positivity down with your negativity!” I see someone has fallen maybe a little TOO in love with his Switch.

    Anyway, just ignore sjaak’s comments if it bothers you so much to read his personal issues since you know he’s gonna voice them. It’s a Nintendo site & he’s more than welcome to voice his issues with Nintendo systems, whether they be positive or negative. He shouldn’t have to stop voicing them just because they bother YOU. This isn’t YOUR blog. Same goes for Brandon Hardacre who also likes to bitch about people daring to voice their negativity because he doesn’t like it. Either get use to it, ignore it, or just leave. Either way, it won’t stop sjaak or anyone else from voicing their negative issues/opinions.

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