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UK: Nintendo Switch Launch Sales Were 80,000

Nintendo UK has reported that the Nintendo Switch has had a solid launch in the United Kingdom. The newly released console saw sales hit 80,000 during the launch weekend. That’s double sales of the Wii U during its launch back in 2012, so it’s very promising. However, it doesn’t come close to the PlayStation 4 launch (250,000) or the Xbox One launch (150,000).


Thanks to Christopher for the tip.



    1. Why in uk dont like Nintendo ? Sony salling 250.000 !!! I mean I like the ps4 but Nintendo Switch is so awesome and zelda botw is the best game I ever played in my entire life.


      1. Coz here in UK it’s graphic power and nothing else lol so many people I know hate Ninty and would never buy it. PS rules here which sucks lol


      2. Ashens is a YouTuber in UK and he says the Brits just aren’t big on Nintendo. Even during the NES and SNES days, they didn’t mess with Nintendo like that. It’s just normal for the system not to push weight


  1. 80,000 doesn’t seem like a lot but double the Wii U is I suppose a good start considering the Wii U had a better range of launch titles. Be interesting to see how many copies of BOTW for Switch were sold in the UK.

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      1. I’ll give you that. Though, I do think if Nintendo announced it sooner it would have made little to no difference as people would’ve had more time to save and what not.


  2. Unfortunately the generalizations that the main 3 games that get crowds are Fifa, CoD and GTA in the UK are true and Nintendo is not the place for those games.

    Things will probably get better when Pokemon launches.


  3. This is actually better than it might sound. The Wii U Launched close to the holiday season, so some people that bought one, bought one for Christmas, this isn’t the case with the Switch. This is the difference some decent advertising does for a Console Launch.

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  4. Double the Wii U is progress, but it’s certainly not impressive. If the Switch doubles the Wii U lifetime, it will still have only sold 27 million. Keep in mind, Nintendo is looking to consolidate their handheld and home console markets with this machine.

    If sales aren’t stellar this Christmas, we’ll be looking at Nintendo wasting resources on 3DS games well into 2019 — and R&D that could be best served creating a Switch follow-up going towards a 3DS successor.

    What were the launch numbers for the 3DS in the UK, by the way?


    1. The total lifetime sales wouldn’t quite work that way.

      In the UK, Wii U sold 40,000 units in its opening weekend and ended up with total lifetime sales of about 13.5 million. The original Wii on the other hand sold 105,000 in its first weekend and ended up with about 101.5 million lifetime sales.

      Using interpolation and the Switch’s initial 80,000 units sold (assuming that previous trends still hold true) we can expect the Switch to have about 60 million total lifetime sales. Coincidentally this number is around what I had originally predicted and I’m even more confident about it now.

      60 million units is pretty successful for a console.


      1. Slight correction. I should have said we can expect between 60-70 million. The interpolation calculation gives close to 68 million. I’m still sticking with my prediction of 60 mil for now, but I have no problem with being proved short.


  5. I dought nintendo even had 100,000 switches in the UK. The way they are acting these days (coughnesccoughclassiccough) I would be shocked if the uk had more than 100,000.


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