UK: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Enters Chart At Number 2

This week’s UK charts are in and it was a big week for Nintendo UK as the company launched the Nintendo Switch console. Unfortunately The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild couldn’t beat Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4, but it did arrive in at number two. 1-2 Switch entered the charts at number 4 and Super Bomberman R entered at number 7.

“A bumper week for gaming is led by ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ which tops the chart as Sony’s biggest ever PS4 launch of a new IP (ahead of No Man’s Sky). Released on Wednesday ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is also the biggest launch of the year so far and Sony’s biggest launch since ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’. Ubisoft’s ‘For Honor’ falls from No1 to No5, having to make way for both Horizon Zero Dawn and new Nintendo Switch titles.

Released on Friday, Nintendo Switch brings with it ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild’, which debuts at No2 for both Switch and Wii U. 78% of sales were for the Switch version with 22% for Wii U. The Switch version becomes the 3rd biggest ever launch of a Zelda title, behind ‘Wind Waker’ on Gamecube and ‘Twilight Princess’ on Wii.

There were 5 new Switch games at launch, 3 of which enter the Top 10 including ‘1-2 Switch’ new at No4 and Konami’s ‘Super Bomberman R’ debuting at No7. The Switch version of ‘Just Dance 2017’ helps Ubisoft’s game re-enter the Top 40 at No24, while the Switch version of ‘Skylanders Imaginators’ fails to lift the title back in to the chart. The only other new game to make the Top 40 this week is Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead: The New Frontier’ which begins life at No19.”

  1. (-) Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)
  2. (-) The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (NS/Wii U)
  3. (3) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/XO/360/PS3/PC)
  4. (-) 1-2-Switch (NS)
  5. (1) For Honor (PS4/XO/PC)
  6. (4) FIFA 17 (PS4/XO/360/PS3)
  7. (-) Super Bomberman R (NS)
  8. (7) Rocket League: Collector’s Edition (XO/PS4/PC)
  9. (5) Sniper Elite 4 (PS4/XO/PC)
  10. (6) Battlefield 1 (PS4/XO/PC)



  1. Does this mean worldwide or just the UK:

    “A bumper week for gaming is led by ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ which tops the chart as Sony’s biggest ever PS4 launch of a new IP (ahead of No Man’s Sky).

    That game is made by a studio in Holland where I live ;)

    1. wasn’t there some report recently stating that Horizon would actually be the biggest production of that kind in the history of the country?
      Something like that?
      Pretty cool, hope I can get my dirty hands on that game one day, but you’ll excuse if I say: HYRULE FIRST, HYRULE FIRST, HYRULE FIRST!!!!!

  2. I’m glad to see both games doing well. They’re both quality titles imo and I think it’s silly to act like the other side’s games are shit just because you’re on a different side. A true gamer imo enjoys all games that are enjoyable regardless of which console they’re on.

      1. Yeah horizon and zelda both look great and funnily enough they both have frame rate “”issues”” as zelda and horizon are only 30fps with occasional drops…as if anyone would care about minor frame rate “”issues”” when the games look this good! Yet sadly if you check the digital foundry’s comments section you’ll find all manner of “nintendo iz ded lol” or “30fps in 2017?!? UNNACCEPTABLE!!1!”. While I’d personally prefer lower graphics but higher frame rates, people are pretending that this style of higher graphics but lower frame rate is objectively terrible or something!

        1. It’s because of open world. With that style of game you either go for 60fps and cut a lot of complex mechanisms of the whole sandbox-mechanics … or you go for 30fps and keep it. With other games like fast paced actiongames which (often) are better kept more simple to make them feel more arcady, it’s kinda important to go for a higehr framerate like 60fps to make their mechanic more enjoyable. this might never really change or at least it will take a long time until sacrificing 30fps won’t give you that much more information to play with.

      2. You can’t do that.
        Already 300 staff members worked on The Legend of Zelda. With that kind of graphics it would have not been economically sustainable. They would have reduced it.
        Like Bethesda reduced immensely Daggerfall to make todays Skyrim.
        I’m not happy seeing all these games reduced everytime. Graphics isn’t everything.

  3. 1 2 Switch actually made it to the list?
    Would be nice to know the actual numbers, like Japanese charts..

      1. As a huge Football fan I can tell you that theres not much of a reason to buy FIFA anymore cause the season will be over within 8 weeks. So those numbers are still allot. Call of Duty has been out for 5 or 6 months aswell and it wasn’t received well unlike Battlefield.

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I’ll be getting Horizon: Zero Dawn sometime soon. Right now, though, I’m focusing on BotW. That & I’m waiting to see if that update to PS4 allowing the use of external HDDs will come in soon so I don’t have to delete anything to download Horizon. Nier: Automata already can’t be downloaded right now because I got less than 40GBs on the console’s memory. Maybe less than that. So wait I shall. But as soon as that update goes through, it’s on! So many games I bought digitally on PS4 & I haven’t played mostly any of them yet! xD It’s a good thing Switch’s launch line up is atrocious right now!

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