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IDC Expects Nintendo Will Sell Eight Million Nintendo Switch Units By End Of Q1 2018

Data firm IDC has high hopes for the Nintendo Switch and they expect the Kyoto-based company to shift eight million consoles by the end of quarter one 2018. The information was revealed to CNBC by IDC’s research director for gaming and VR/AR, Lewis Ward.

“Switch is on track to ship 2 million by the end of March, so that’s a solid start. I expect the Switch to sell much better in its first year than Wii U, but fewer than Wii did in the same period.”



  1. ||Good, I expect the Xbots to be completely erased from existence in Japan before the human year of 2019 while the Switch thrives…||

  2. I said they couldd hit 9 million by end of Dec this year hopefully more, just need to throw out those TV ads, more games, more DL games (fast rmx) … RAWK!

  3. Well, they need content for that.
    I’m still enjoying Zelda (obviously).
    But Snipperclips aside, there’s nothing that interests me until splatoon is released.
    U already own Mario Kart 8 and Lego City.

    There’s still no release date for Yooka-Laylee and many other titles.
    The eShop is looking bleak at the moment too.

  4. As long as a lot of quality games come to the Switch it’ll sell like crazy good. Way better than any other Nintendo home console excluding the Wii. The reason being that this “home” console is more in line with a handheld console and Nintendo handhelds sell extremely well. If Nintendo is replacing it’s separate home and handheld consoles with 1 console that does both (I honestly think they are and that would be smart of them) then it needs to hit in the 60 million lifetime sales range. I think it will do it too as long as it gets a ton of software support. Still waiting on a new Metroid, Waverace and even Eternal Darkness! 😊

  5. They need system sellers. I think they should have made a new Mario kart instead of the old one but then again lots of ppl haven’t played it myself included so it may bring ppl over. Mario in the holidays will be epic and guarantees sold systems. They should port over super Mario maker as well since not everyone likes open world platformers . Arms and Splatoon are coming out but their new so nobody knows anything about them they have to really advertise those to turn them into something major. Obviously we need unique games but third parties want the system to sell in order to support it.

  6. Highly doubt it. Way overpriced and too many dumb mistakes were made. Indie 3rd party will be majority of games. The Switch needed to be at least as powerful as the X1. The didn’t even include the tech demo with the console.

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