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Video: This Week’s Nintendo Minute Looks At Super Bomberman R

The arrival of Friday means the arrival of another installment of the Nintendo Minute video series with Kit and Krysta. The pair is still looking at Switch games, despite the console’s release a week ago. Once again, the duo are not alone. This week, they are joined with Mike and Adam, some friends of theirs. All 4 of them spend the video duking it out in the multiplayer mode of Super Bomberman R. The four play on 6 different areas to see who gets the most wins. If you want to see who wins, feel free to watch the video down below.



  1. Got bored watching. I used to love playing Bomberman 64 and was going to pick this up but the gameplay is dated, theres nothing new here. For what they charge for this game i’m surprised people are buying it. It’s just not worth the price tag. Should have been $19.99 or less.

  2. So boring.
    I barely touched a Bomberman in my life, and when I did it was just boring.
    That’s not a party game that I would like to play with friends, but many years ago there were not much options and the characters always looked nice.
    Nay for me.

  3. I haven’t really cared about the Bomberman games since Super Bomberman on the SNES. Partly because I have nobody to play with anymore. But also because I got SO burned out from playing the multi-player mode so much back in the day. It was awesome in it’s day. But I doubt I could get into it anymore. But it’s always great to see a classic make a return. I just highly doubt I’ll ever get to experience playing multi-player games anymore. Even if I had this, I’d only be playing the single player mode/s.

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