As part of the Mar10 Day celebrations, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked to select the Mario game he’d want to play if he were stuck on an island. Despite being a “difficult question,” the Mario creator said he’d want to have Super Mario Odyssey by his side because it’s a Nintendo Switch game, allowing you to play both indoors and outdoors. Super Mario Odyssey doesn’t arrive until the end of this year as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

“That’s a difficult question, I think any Mario game will do,” Miyamoto said. “But I think at this time it would have to be Super Mario Odyssey because you can play inside and outside. A deserted island would be small but that’s OK, it would still be fun.”




  1. We got it, Miyamoto. Being stuck in an island would give you roughly 5 hours of game play since this is the Switch’s autonomy. Once the battery dies, there wouldn’t be an energized outlet to charge the damn thing. ;)

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  2. It’s been SO long since my last favorite Mario game (Sunshine) that it’s a little hard to get excited for a new one (though I am). But after I get my hands on this game, the magic will probably start flowing back to me. It’s probably also because I’m getting so old now, and I don’t have that overwhelming anticipation like I once did. It’s SO much easier for me to wait for games now. Though that could also be due to the fact that I have SO many other games to occupy myself with.

    Even now, I haven’t touched my Switch (or Zelda) since my first little test play several days ago. Because I’m so heavily engrossed in Paper Mario Color Splash (awesome game).

    When I first got Twilight Princess on Wii, it took me 9 MONTHS before I played it (though I bought it on launch). And I still didn’t enjoy it. But that’s a different story.


    • I don’t understand how color Splash can be more fun than Zelda… but then, the fact you like color Splash demonstrates our different tastes in games.

      Sounds like you’re having fun tho, so game on!


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