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LEGO Worlds Associate Producer Explains What’s Happening With Switch Version

LEGO Worlds launched this week and has performed well in the United Kingdom, but many are wondering what has happened to the Nintendo Switch version. Well, Spanish site Next N recently caught up with the game’s associate producer who had the following to say: (thanks to NeoGAF member M4kk0 for the translation)

“We decided to make this version on January. We were looking at the development of LEGO City Undercover, so we asked the team ‘How are you going with that?’ and the answer was truly positive, testers were very happy with it. Then, we said: ‘Ok, let’s try it [bringing LEGO Worlds to Switch]’, we started to do programming things and testing some optimizations for the graphics engine. This started like three weeks ago, on February. We think that having a portable version of the game is something really interesting, so we went for that.”

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  1. I didn’t even know about this game. Feels a little too soon since Dimensions just came out a year or two ago and from what I remember was going to be getting new DLC from different movies and tv shows and the like. So wouldn’t this game hinder the DLC stuff coming out saleswise? Unless I’m mistaken on new stuff coming to Dimensions, which is totally possible. I haven’t exactly followed the game.


      1. I honestly wasn’t expecting a port to consoles, but I am excited nonetheless! I actually think I am going to buy Worlds on the PS4 today.


  2. They didn’t even decide to bring it over to Switch until January?!? Crap. Hope those words I’ve been hearing about ports to Switch being fast and easy are true for these guys too and not just the indie devs who said it. I really hope this game releases on the Switch soon. The sooner I hear a release window, the better 👍🏽


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