Get ready amiibo collectors as Nintendo has some new Super Smash Bros ones to add to your collection. Reddit member Amiibofan101 discovered that four CPSIA certificates have emerged for amiibo and they’re all related to Super Smash Bros. We don’t know which amiibo these are but Bayonetta and Corrin have got to be part of this lineup.




  1. 4? hum.. Corrin, Bayonetta, Cloud and who? new fighter or just a new amiibo of an existing one? or can it be that we are getting a Super Smash Bros. for the Switch announcement with new fighters?

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  2. actually, it is not related to smash bros directly

    For example, we know we are getting 3 Link amiibo in the next months(Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword)

    The 4th one is Smash related, thought


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