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Dolphin Emulator Can Now Access And Buy Games From The Wii Shop Channel

While the Wii’s online multiplayer services have been disconnected for years, the Wii Shop Channel is still alive and well. The opening of the Nintendo eShop meant that the Shop Channel faded into obscurity, but this news may mean a few more people are visiting Nintendo’s old store. Unheard of in similar software, the Dolphin emulator now lets users access the Wii Shop Channel and even purchase games directly from Nintendo. This is certainly a technical marvel, the emulator successfully tricking Nintendo’s servers into thinking it’s a genuine console. The video below explains the process in more detail.


8 thoughts on “Dolphin Emulator Can Now Access And Buy Games From The Wii Shop Channel”

  1. I’m not fond of emulators, but in my country ( Colombia) is really hard to find old games that works or original for the matter, I have a personal policy of only download games that I have, had and lost or break and the ones that never reach the local market. This is maybe a way to return some of the $$$ “stolen” by buying actuals games for the emulator. Gotta have a clean mind and soul without guilt…

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