Yacht Club Games Want To Bring Shovel Knight Into 3D

Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games say that they are really interested in making the transition to 3D with their mascot platformer. While nothing has been announced it seems as though it’s something that the team are keen to do. They cite Super Mario 64 as a major influence due to its groundbreaking nature at the time.

“We are dying to bring SK to 3D. We very much want to make that transition, the same way Mario and Zelda and so many classic games had to. We are all also very obsessed with Mario 64, and we would hope to one day make a 3D platformer as fun, engaging, surprising, and thrilling as it! In many ways, it is a style of 3D platformer that hasn’t really been explored since. Most 3D platformers went the collectible route instead.”

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  1. The 3D environment is definitely something that will bring more oppurtunities to both gameplay and innovation.
    But tread your waters carefully Yacht, and as much as the Super Mario 64 -route of platformer is superior to a ‘collective marathon’, it will not be an easy task to do.
    Especially when it comes to convince the 2D addicted masses…

  2. Well good luck to them. Making that transition is tough, especially for an action-adventure platformer. They pretty much have to somehow make a 3D version of Super Mario 3 with a dash of Zelda 2 thrown in.

  3. if SEGA (who has more money than god because of their gambling machines) can’t make 3D Sonic work than these guys have a snowballs chance in hell.

    1. The difference is Sonic has a gimmick attached to him that makes it difficult.. speed.
      Shovel knight does not, so i believe it’s possible that 3D for SK COULD work.
      But i much rather them take baby steps, and make a 16 bit SK first.. then move on to 3D later.

    2. Thats not fair to say. Nintendo makes amazing 3D platformers, and at one point Rare did aswell. Sega might suck ass at it, but that doesnt mean yatch wont be able to succeed. Specially since Sonic games have never really been that great, even the 2D platformer ones.

      1. So 2 out of how many? Is that really an average you want to get behind? Specially since Colors and Generations were great Sonic games, but only decent sidescrollers overall.

  4. They could do a 2D/3D side scroller like Donkey Kong Country. I would enjoy that very much. SK was somewhat mediocre to me but I think it’s because of the 8/16 bit graphics. I am not a huge retro gamer. I played Atari and NES already in the 80s and 90s. I am over that level of graphical fidelity already.

  5. We haven’t had one of those transitions in years!

    It would actually make Shovel Knight feel like a major video game franchise, than a retro-esque indie or mobile game. It could be up there with Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Ocarina of Time, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Star Fox 64, Pokemon Stadium, F-Zero X, Sonic Adventure, Mega Man Legends, Gex: Enter the Gecko, and Rayman 2.

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