Nintendo’s secretive offices in Kyoto are like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for many of the company’s fans. While you’ll need more than a Golden Ticket to get in, one US developer achieved his dream and now works there. Reddit user Tizzlefix noticed an English name in amongst all the Japanese developers in Breath of the Wild’s credits and decided to find out who Corey Bunnell was. She found someone called Bunnell asking how he could get a job at Nintendo on the Translator’s Cafe forums back in 2007. While he got largely negative responses at the time, it seems everything worked out for Corey in the end.



  1. You should never let other people demotivate you :) I wanted to be a game developer since I was a little kid knowing nothing about computers, and my brother used to make fun of me telling me I would never be able to do it, and now here I am, developing my first full game all alone :)

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      • Well, it’s going to be a psychological 2D horror adventure, and since I cannot draw, I use pixel art, because for me it’s easier to make :) It’s now in early stages of development, but I have pretty much all the story in my head… you can watch my tech-demo that I recorded few weeks ago here :)

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    • Agreed! Never let someone tell you, you cant do anything. I just got back travelling through Asia alone visiting some friends that came to the US. I was told years before that I wouldnt ever be able to accomplish something like that. Youve got this!

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