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TT Games Removed Single Joy-Con Control From Lego City Undercover

The upcoming Switch port of Lego City Undercover adds a much desired multiplayer mode to the game. However, Switch owners will have to buy another set of Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller to access the mode. It seems this wasn’t always the case though. According to Nintendo World Report’s preview of Undercover, TT Games originally implemented the Switch’s single Joy-Con mode. This would have meant everyone would have been able to enjoy multiplayer straight out of the box. However, TT eventually removed the feature because of the Joy-Con’s lack of a second analog stick for camera controls. Was this the right decision? Tell us below.


22 thoughts on “TT Games Removed Single Joy-Con Control From Lego City Undercover”

    1. look at that crop job… and the minus isnt actually on the right controller as this photo indicates. the picture is inverted. if there were text on the controller it would be backwards on this photo. crap shoop job

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    1. Lego City Undercover already used all four face buttons, both shoulder buttons, both triggers, and both analog sticks on the Wii U gamepad. They’re already short two buttons on the JoyCon, what other buttons would you suggest using? And why do you assume that something like that would work for an open world game? Zelda games did alright with it because the camera was already partially controlled and Z-targeting made it so it wasn’t an issue for battles. It would work for this game.

  2. again with the third party stuipity a button or buttons and a gyro GYRO THIRD PARTY GYYYYRROOO

    ITSA 2017 THIRD PARTY kindly understand nintendos systems support controls beyond the 1990s

    1. Are you really suggesting they use a completely gyro controlled camera? Think about that for just another 30 seconds. How would someone turn completely around with gyro controls? Even Nintendo has never done that. It’s always been used to supplement use of the right analog stick.

      It doesn’t work for their game. They aren’t stupid.

    1. Doesn’t look like it has better graphics to me. Maybe it has a better frame rate but I didn’t see any issues with it’s release on the Wii U. And load times wouldn’t really have anything to do with graphics at all.

      Maybe the builds they’ve showed off so far jus decided not to ramp up performance yet?

  3. I never bought or even played Lego City Undercover but if I do it will be the cheaper of the two versions unless the Switch version adds a lot to the original. I don’t really play games on the go so docked mode is what I care about. 720p in docked mode? Ouch. Better be smooth 60fps framerate.

  4. I think even if games are demonstrably worse in single Joy-Con mode, if they can make it functional it should remain an option. You can count on people having two Joy-Cons at any time, it sucks to not be able to take some advantage of unexpected multiplayer opportunities.

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