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Pikmin 2 Arrives On Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow In North America

The Wii version of Pikmin 2 is set to re-release on Wii U tomorrow, March 30, in North America. The game will be available via the Virtual Console service for $19.99. Pikmin 2 tasks players with commanding squads of Pikmin to help locate treasures, explore environments, and battle enemies along the way. It originally launched back in 2004 on Nintendo GameCube and was ported to Wii in 2009 with a new control scheme.


59 thoughts on “Pikmin 2 Arrives On Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow In North America”

      1. I personally think they are going to merge the two together. If you log onto the Eshop it will be the same experience no matter what system you are using.

    1. The Wii U plays Wii games natively in Wii mode. So they don’t need to do anything with it, no emulation, no porting, just put it there. I don’t really understand why they didn’t just put like the 20 best Wii games on there at once, since there’s no work involved.

      1. It’s still a little bit weird once you think about it though, its successor is out, it’s getting no new games, and even new units have been discontinued. I guess additions to the eshop will cease once when the winter BotW dlc gets released.

        1. This, like the games still coming to 3DS, was likely already in the pipeline with no point to just cancelling it out right.

          1. I think the 3DS is in a different situation though. They want to see how successful the Switch will be as a handheld standpoint. If they don’t think the Switch makes a viable handheld (with battery life and the ease of portability by the size being the main concerns) it might even come to the point of them considering a successor to the 3DS that isn’t the Switch, Kimishima even considered it back in February. I’d love for the Switch to be a successor to both though, it would basically confirm a massive library with all of Nintendo’s first party games being contrived into one singular place.

            1. Kimishima’s consideration of a 3 DS successor was a mistranslation and untrue. The battery life of the Switch is no worse than the original 3DS. Better models will come out. They always do.

            2. Why? Since they can easily miniaturize the Nintendo Switch. If there will be new hardware it will be a modified Nintendo Switch. If people will ask they will provide.

      1. Er… yes, yes you can; I’m not saying this game does, but you can very much use a GameCube controller on Wii U

          1. Glad to know you ignored the whole point of my post; I literally agreed with you that it’s the Wii version.

            Just because the adapter is only compatible with one game doesn’t mean it’s impossible for the support to expand; your thought process s much too black and white

                1. The WiiU has never once supported gc games. Two buttons to work as one analog trigger will not work. Using any amount of that small brain of yours would tell you that. Please learn to use more than 1% of it.

              1. Ignoring that has nothing to do with needing a gamecube comtroller. If they wanted to add GC games they could have done so. Pikmin 2 doesnt even usinf analog triggers by the way.

                1. Please take my advice and use your brain. Reread what I’ve said to you. WiiU doesn’t support GC. You are an idiot if you thought this was the GC version.
                  Learn to spell so that atleast you sound somewhat intellectual when trying to argue a losing case.

                  1. Frankly I really don’t care about if this was GC or Wii version. 1, im buying a Switch
                    2. I got a Gamecube and Wii and Pikmin 2

                    And 3, what difference does it make about Wii U not supporting Gamecube games. And? I got Gamecube, Wii and Wii U?

                    So bringing out your replies about a Wii U and Gamecube is pointless. As for grammar? Please. People error on smartphones everyday and re read before they click “send” then they see the error which wasnt there before they pressed “send”

                    Besides I do not earn income on a errorless forum, so why do I care on a video game forum.

                        1. I’m sure they won’t.
                          Switch has a different architecture, so it would’ve been more likely that they would merge Wii + WiiU eshop but in the case of the Switch, they really have to port the games over to that architecture.

                          I wish they would, but don’t see that coming especially considering how Nintendo is really into emphasizing that the Switch has nothing to do with the WiiU at all.

                          1. Having different architecture shouldn’t stop the eshops from merging. All Nintendo has to do is remove the Wii and Wii U games. Everything else would be a piece of cake getting on the Switch. It would take a little work, but it would be a lot less work than starting from scratch, again…. For the third time….It makes sense that they would do that, and it makes sense why the Switch eshop is so barren… Why work on the Switch eshop when they know they are going to merge the two?

                      1. At first I was excited the Switch was going to get its first vc gamecube game, then I read Wii U, and noticed it was just the Wii version with the different control scheme. Damn it.

                      2. Thinking about it, I believe this must have been one of my favorite Gamecube games. Among dozens of other favorites. But after Pikmin 1 I didn’t expect that much. I liked P1 but wasn’t overly excited and would especially buy it for Miyamoto’s sake. But compared to P1 it felt so much more polished, thought through, had so much development-love, so many charming ideas and BULBMIN. After playing this game, there’s really no reason to go back to P1, which is something Nintendo usually tries to avoid by delivering already quite polished concepts that would stand on their own feet instead of advancing what has been there. But in that case it worked so flawlessly and just improved on every aspect. It’s just nice when you happen to play a Miyamotogame and (of some strange reason) have lower expectations but then get blown away like this.

                        P3 had a kind of a similar effect but after P2 was already so great, it didn’t drop my jaw that hard.

                        1. The Wii U plays Wii games natively in Wii mode. So they don’t need to do anything with it, no emulation, no porting, just put it there. I don’t really understand why they didn’t just put like the 20 best Wii games on there at once, since there’s no work involved.

                      3. I just can’t figure out how the Nintendo switch is doing so well. All I can figure is that Zelda is like Wii Sports everybody wants to play it no matter their gender or nationality. If Zelda truly resonates with people the way we sports did, then they can create a huge install base just using Zelda then it won’t be that difficult to continue getting them to buy games like Mario.

                        I’m nowhere near sold on the switch but I sure as fuck underestimated Zelda botw’s overarching appeal even to casuals I think.

                        1. also, the switch is just a really cool piece of hardware. I love how fast it wakes up from sleep mode just by hitting the home button on the pro controller. It’s wake up time is like 20x faster than the PS4 from it’s sleep mode. It’s nearly instantaneous.

                          1. I certainly don’t want to take away from what you said, because that is definitely cool, however I will add that any tablet in sleep mode wakes up instantly. My Windows 10 tablet blinks on as soon as I touch the button.

                            Nintendo capitalizing on mobile technology may be part of it, but you literally can’t do anything with the Ninty tablet besides play a handful of games. So I really don’t fully get it.

                            Still. I’m still watching and learning to see what happens next. I’m not really satisfoed with the joycon fixes yet. Still no plans for me to jump on board for now. :)

                            1. That’s what I think is so cool about it, it wakes up instantly like a tablet but it feels exactly like a console when docked, i like being able to instantly play botw with no load times. I’ve had zero problems with the joycons, and just got a pro controller last week and I’m liking it even more. I think there will be an update in the future to make it more tablet like with netflix, web browser, etc. I’m in no rush for those features though because I’ve been using it as a home console 75% of the time.

                              1. Well, if it satisfies Nintendo fans, and gamers who really want to play this year’s GOTY, then that’s fine for now.

                                If they expand its usefulness to include a fast HTML5 Web browser like the WiiU has, and include basic services like Amazon Video and Netflix, (and Hulu, and a few others perhaps) – that will pull in even more people, and if it can land some AAA 3rd party support, that would bring in the rest.

                                So… it’s possible Switch could bring Nintendo back to the front lines of gaming. It can’t hurt that Microsoft is really hurting right now. I don’t care how badly development of Scalebound was going, they NEEDED the morale of an exciting exclusive more than they actually needed the game. It was a critical hit when they canceled the game, a really fucking bad decision.

                                Nintendo is positioned to pass Microsoft and become a legit contender in the gaming industry again. Hopefully they don’t fuck it up!

                                1. Here’s hoping! I have a feeling they actually have a good plan this time. Having briefly looked over some of their patents in the last few years I think they still might have some tricks up their sleeves that have yet to be revealed. We shall see!

                      4. Always good to have more games on VirtCon, I say. I have the GCN version of this so I PROBABLY won’t buy it but who knows? It might be nice to try the Wii version someday.

                        For those upset about the price, $20 is the usual price for Wii games on VirtCon, so if you wanna talk about price, that’s a whole other conversation about VirtCon pricing in general.

                        BTW: Alba, could you please tell me where the image came from for this article? It doesn’t seem to be a screen from any of the games I’m familiar with. Is it fan-made? Promotional image?

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