Check Out Nintendo’s Popularity Rating In Survey Of 1,100 Teens

Nintendo’s marketing has seen a huge boost over the last year with advertising seeing more attention in-store, on TV and in many other formats. According to a new survey, which asked 1,100 teens ‘how cool a brand is’ and was executed by The Washington Post, Nintendo seemed to fare quite well placing themselves in the ‘most aware’ section of the graph. You can see for yourself below:


Although the Big N comes just under the likes of Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo is still up there with the big companies which is promising given the fact that they’re poured in millions of dollars with their branding efforts recently.



          1. Still, I find it strange to compare Nintendo as a company to just one product from Sony or Microsoft. I’d rather compare the companies as a whole, so I stand by my original comment.

          2. Actually scratch that, since the terms “Playstation” / “Xbox” cover the entire range of home console products from those companies. Damn this site could really use an edit button.

    1. Microsoft has never been cool. At least not with the Xbox. Every time I see someone looking at Xbox games in stores, I can’t figure out why they like it. Even the Xbox controllers are my least favorite. Nintendo and Sony dominate over Xbox in my opinion.

      1. ||When you have a realm like Microsoft that continues to want to control your freedom and information, not to mention that their policy is that they can change it whenever they want to while their consumers either has to accept it or emigrate to Mac or Linux instead…||

        ||Not to mention the Xbot disease…||

      1. Actually it isn’t. I didn’t say anything about Xbox or Playstaion. I mentioned Sony and Microsoft. The chart lists all 4 of those. My original statement was accurate.

        1. Yes it was accurate, but you were thinking about playstation not sony, and you were thinking about xbox, not microsoft. Lets be honest, this is a dick measuring contest. And Nintendo came in last when in comes to console manufacturers. Thats okay. Sometimes its better not to be #1. You have less to lose that way. Yes it would be great if Nintendo had more market share and was thought of as cool(er) than PS and Xbox, but its not the end of the world. We all know Nintendo is totes kewler than the other guyz.

          1. Only I wasn’t. I actually wasn’t thinking about Playstation or Xbox when I posted that first comment. When I saw Nintendo on the map, my first instinct was to look for the companies Sony and Microsoft and I found them. I tend to always look at companies as a whole since it is a better way to gauge how well a company is doing. It wasn’t until later that I decided it would be better to compare Nintendo specifically to Playstation and Xbox, since those two product lines represent the entire gaming devisions of their respective companies, and Nintendo pretty mich only does gaming.

            I agree that none of this comparison matters much in the end, but please don’t pressume to tell me what I was thinking. I know my own mind well enough.

  1. ||Foolish Xbots, we must put even more effort from now on to get ahead of them…||

      1. ||Isn’t this simpler? You were made, to be ruled…||

  2. This is really dumb this is the minority pretty much Uhh retard fan boys that act like they don’t now Microsoft or Nintendo any body can see these brands In the video game isle

  3. Just a slight correction – the survey was reported by the Washington post, but was actually made by Google. And the article itself said to take this information with a grain of salt because Google declined to share the questionnaire data.

  4. I don’t know what I find more depressing, the X or Y axis. And while I am a die-hard Nintendo fan, the thing that I find most disappointing is that there people,while a minority, that do not know what Oreos are. XP

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