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Video: RiME Dev Diary Gives Extensive Insight Into It’s Production

RiME, an interesting title that’s being released on Nintendo Switch, is gaining popularity the closer it gets to launch on May 26. The development team are doing a great job of interacting with the gaming community and the latest video shows some behind the scenes production insight that’s gone into making this intriguing title. Check it out for yourself below:



  1. Is there a game inside this production? That’s the big question.
    Until now we have seen nothing, just learn that there will be some puzzles. If that’s the game it’s a no buy for me.
    Zelda has more spectacular views, but then I do lot of things there: fight, talk, collect fruit, ride, fly, climb, swim, commerce, cut and then puzzle solving.
    And there is actual life there other than vegetables.
    Even on this video there is no action except climb and swim. Climb, swim a friendly fox and puzzles. Uhm.

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