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Star Wars Battlefront II Developer Asked To Comment On A Switch Release

Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the most anticipatedΒ gamesΒ of 2017, the first Battlefront selling incredibly well on PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, when asked about a potential Switch release by Level Up, the game’s director was incredibly vague. While he didn’t deny the possibility, he brushed off the question rather quickly. It doesn’t seem like the Switch isn’t the priority by any means, the director simply saying “that one is a question for another day”. Would you like to see Battlefront come to the Switch? Tell us below.

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  1. I would love to see Battlefront II come to the Switch. However given how just technically powerful the game is. I actually (as much I want more games to come for the Switch) don’t mind if it doesn’t come on the platform

      1. I thought the Switch has the exact same specs as the shield…? And even with it running Crysis, thats not comparable to a massive online experience like battlefront. Im sure if they watered down the graphics enough they could get it to run, but getting a game to run isnt the same as optimizing it for the platform. I dont think we will see any battlefront game on Switch. But I hope Im wrong. Its one of the games I am most jealous of PS4 and Xbox players for having. Wish it was available on Nintendo platforms. The last good Star Wars games we got were Rogue Squadron, Shadows of The Empire, and I guess you could count The Force unleashed on Wii, but just barely. And none of those games are nearly as impressive as Battlefront.

        1. I loved Force Unleashed on Wii. A couple years after I played it I checked the ratings and was genuinely surprised by how poorly it was received. IMO, the Wii version is superior to any other.

    1. We don’t know quite yet if it is “dog shit.” What we do know is that there is a massive wealth of content compared the the “first” title. All we have seen is improvements, so at least we can be hopeful that the game will be better.

  2. Well sure it can run most likely but how much of a downgrade would it have to be to get it properly running. If it’s going to be downgraded to such an extent where the end product does not even compare to the game on other consoles I would prefer that it doesn’t appear on switch. It wouldn’t sell

    1. Battlefront II on the Switch may be downgrade, but at least it’ll be a portable one (that is, if it comes out).

    2. Crysis 3 was running on the Nvidia Shield TV back in 2015 and it has weaker specs than the Nintendo Switch and the Switch is using 2nd Generation Maxwell. So really, if the Nvidia Shield TV with 1st Generation Maxwell can run an updated version of Crysis 3, then the Switch could easily run Battlefront 2 no problem, with some minor adjustments of course.

      But then again, I did manage to get my GTX 1050 to run Battlefield 1 in 1440p, high settings, no anti aliasing and it ran at about 60fps with no issue at all. So the Switch won’t have a problem seeing how this game is running the same engine as Battlefield 1

  3. ||More irrelevant words that are uttered for no reason other than to spite Nintendites…||

    1. I told you, Commander! Developers have a bad habit of dancing around questions about Nintendo releases. Better to just say “We never considered the Switch for this game. We don’t have the resources or will to port it, plus it probably wouldn’t make us enough money to quell the best that is EA, so no. It will never be on the Switch. Sorry.”

  4. Don’t expect graphically intense games to come to Switch. Don’t expect devs to be willing to downgrade games for it unless it continues to sell the way it is.

    1. Crysis 3 on Nvidia Shield TV running 1st Generation Maxwell on the 2015 build of Cryengine running at 30fps… just saying, the Switch is very much capable of running “graphically intense games” as most of the engines those games run on are optimized for the ESports crowd who’d rather use low end components.

      Witcher 3 might not run on the Switch, but then again neither would PayDay 2 or Skyrim yet both of those games are heading to Switch and the Skyrim game looks to be the more updated version with some Switch tweaks here and there. PayDay 2 is basically the PC version but dumbed down graphically but with all the current DLC, yet it seemed fine on the Switch.

      So yeah, “Graphically Intense Games” aren’t really a thing anymore as devs learn style is cheaper than pushing how many polygons you can get on a screen.

      1. The Switch can run games from this generation if they’re downgraded enough. But that will require more effort. And it’s not worth it to do that if no one is gonna buy the Switch version. Which is why developers are waiting to see if Switch sells well enough and if it will be profitable for them. And Crysis 3 was downgraded enough to run on the 360 and PS3… Like I said, it’s a matter of whether or not people are going to buy the Switch versions. And no matter how you look at it, Switch is still weaker than an Xbox One. There are developers that won’t bring games to the Switch regardless of how it might sell because it’s too underpowered for their taste and they’d rather not even deal with it.

      2. Why do yo keep bringing up Crysis 3? Thats a 4 year old game running on the Cryengine 3. A 360 was able to handle it, so why on earth wouldnt the switch (which is stronger than an xbox 360) not be able to handle it?

        Also, Crysis 3 isnt a bench mark for graphics anymore. The engine used in Battlefront is the 2015 updated Frostbite. Its not the same thing.

        Now im not saying that the switch wouldnt be able to handle it, dumbed down, im sure it would, but with EA all it has always came down to; profit. Can it be profitable? If not, then theyll give you a BS excuse on why its not on that system.

    2. I don’t know, you need to remember that there is a low setting on these games when it’s on PC. If they can optimize it for different graphics cards in various PC’s then I think the current chip the switch is running will be no problem.

    3. Your comment seems to be based off the idea that this decision has anything to do with power. EA’s publishing history suggests that probably doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  5. After the main ports to PC, PS4, & Xbone I feel like it’ll get a port later down the road. It may be a few months after release so they can optimize it for the Switch. They need to be able to have it running not only in the dock but also handheld and it looks like the performance changes depending on which mode you have it in.

  6. The only reason I’d like BattleFront 2 to come to Switch is because I want the Switch to have good current gen third party support. I’m tired of this “coming to everything but Nintendo”. Especially since the Switch is actually selling well

  7. What this is screaming to me is, “You’ll see the confirmation of this game on Nintendo Switch as a part of Nintendo’s E3 presentation.”
    To the people saying that this game will not run on the Switch, have you forgotten that this game can low-end PCs? There’s this thing called “low settings” for graphics that you can use to scale the game’s visuals down to fit a far weaker PC. The Switch should have no issue running the Xbox One version of the game with perhaps a solid resolution of 720-900p, 30 frames per second, and perhaps a shorter draw distance or a change in texture quality. The game CAN run–it’s just a matter of choice between which sacrifices should be made.

    1. ||It probably can run but the will is not there and never is…||

      1. I don’t know about that. The Switch is selling like hotcakes. I can only assume that developers want to be on that money-making machine.

        1. ||We’ve heard that before several times by the Electrons, yet they never delivered because they are close-bonded with the Xbots…||

  8. Battlefront 1 sold quite well……and was immediately scorched by critics and fans alike. It rode off the coattails of the reputation of the PS2 games (which had more content on a basic dvd disc than the massive download file of EA’s bloatware).

    It’ll probably do alright for itself just based on name recognition, but over time the reputation of the earlier Battlefront games will wane.

  9. I want to see Battlefront on Switch, but I won’t buy it if they don’t solve the major issues that were present in the first one. That game was honestly the biggest dissapointment I’ve experienced in gaming.

  10. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    Meh… The first one was a letdown… Unless this game has an original story/campaign mode, I’ll pass regardless of what system it is on.

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