Sakurai Talks About How A Removed Kirby Feature May Have Inspired Smash Bros

Masahiro Sakurai is best known for creating two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, Kirby and Super Smash Bros. It therefore makes sense that one would have inspired the other. Speaking at the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert in Tokyo, Sakurai discussed how the concept of characters dying after flying off the screen was almost featured in Kirby’s Dream Land. This would go on to become the core concept of the Super Smash Bros series. While he admits it wasn’t a direct copy, it would make sense that he would have subconsciously reused the idea.

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  1. After the latest Smash Bros. games, I’ve lost all interest in the Smash series. They’ve lost everything that made them great to me. The only GOOD thing about the latest games is the large roster (aside from too many Fire Emblem characters). .

      1. how old are you, honest question. you seem like a ornery 10 year old sometimes, its not this comment that makes me think that.

    1. I think the source of the too many FE character problem stems from the fact that the series has an extremely large roster of main characters and they want to include a variety, in addition to the recent surge in the series popularity.

      Personally, I’m still waiting for Black Shadow.

      1. Sakurai has also confessed his adoration of the series as well; he’s biased (as if his favoritism of Kirby and Kid Icarus weren’t proof enough).

        This is why Fire Emblem Warriors is going to be a godsend- the massive roster of FE characters from all games has a chance to shine in a place all its own instead of stealing too much spotlight in a series that’s supposed to celebrate all things Nintendo. It’s called “Smash Bros.”, not “Mario, Kirby, and Fire Emblem Frenzy Featuring a Little Metroid and Some Star Fox.”

      1. Exactly. The Subspace Emissary (even though it was annoying with none of the characters speaking. And the things going on didn’t really make sense). PLUS they ruined the classic Break The Targets mode that I loved, and replaced it with something super boring instead (and similar to Angry Birds).

        I hate the game not having a single player story/campaign. Since I’m a lone gamer, and don’t like playing multi-player.

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