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Video: Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Trolls Stream Viewers With Fake Melee Nintendo Switch Announcement

Super Smash Bros. Melee on Switch would be a dream come true for many fans of the series. With this in mind, things didn’t go quite to plan when a Smash Bros. Tournament (CEO Dreamland) stream used this hypothetical idea to promote title Brawlhalla during their live broadcast recently. They were ultimately announcing that Brawlhalla would be at the tournament but used Smash Bros. Melee on Switch to gain hype. It backfired and viewers were left angry.

Check the video out for yourself below:

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  1. Get an early access game with a dlc with a 100 dollar price tag with only 8k active players online with an all time peak of 12k for a high competitive level tournament. What could possibly go wrong? I mean other than backlash, lack of players (seriously how many of those 8k currently playing would be willing to travel to New England?) and just all around unpopularity? I actually forgot Brawlhalla existed until this happened.

    1. What are you talking about? Brawlhalla is free-to-play, the $100 package is some founders’ deal that gives you credits to buy things in-game that have no bearing on the gameplay aside from looking cool (though the prices for these extras are ludicrous- one KO animation costs roughly 10 bucks). The only paid package that’s really worth it is the All-Heroes pack that lets you play any fighter whenever instead of being limited to whatever 6 are in weekly rotation, including new characters which you can play day 1 of their release. It’s 15 bucks but I got it on sale for half.

  2. Brawlhalla’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing on Switch; it’s pretty fun and may actually be better than Smash in some ways. Of course, it can wait until it’s done to be ported- they only just added Mordex and they still have to balance scythes, after all.

    I don’t care enough about Melee to have an opinion on the trolling. Sucks that it happened. Now if they had done this with F-Zero GX, I may have gone ballistic.

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