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Nintendo Cancelled A Real Time Strategy Fire Emblem Game For Wii

While Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii failed to sell as well as expected, Nintendo still began planning a sequel. However, it seems this game would have been very different from traditional Fire Emblem games. In an interview with Dengeki Nintendo, some of franchise’s biggest names discussed their original plans for a real time strategy entry to the series. With Fire Emblem massive surge in popularity, it’s possible that this failed concept could see a comeback. Check out the full translated interview here.

Kusakihara: Oh? Is it okay to talk about it? Well, the truth is, there was a game we had planned for the Wii after Radiant Dawn, and started development on.

Yamagami: It had me as the producer, and Mr. Kusakihara as the director. It was going to be a real time strategy Fire Emblem game with all sorts of interesting departures from the norm. But, as we approached a finished product, the incredibly picky Mr. Kusahara was not content with it as it didn’t fit the image he had in mind when he played it. While it was incredibly amusing watching him try the product, I don’t think I could’ve reached such a decision so quickly based on that alone. It did show just how passionate he was about the real time system though, but, in my experience, Fire Emblem was always about minimizing casualties as much as possible and thinking about things carefully by the turn. To put together a real time experience in a short time without these considerations and make a judgement based on that was a little premature in my opinion. So, in the end, development froze.


11 thoughts on “Nintendo Cancelled A Real Time Strategy Fire Emblem Game For Wii”

  1. Well, it’s never too late to try again. I always wanted to see Fire Emblem flow in real time.. .. Fire Emblem heroes and a few Smash cameos won’t do.

  2. Im not a huge fan of turn based. Would have loved to have a real time fire emblem. Doesnt FF have games where its turn based and then real time? They could do something similar with that

  3. Fire Emblem just found the secret sauce with Fire Emblem: Awakening. I highly doubt they’d jeopardize that with a game that is a huge departure from an established tradition.

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