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Nintendo Shipped Switch Consoles By Plane To Help Meet High Demand

Like the Wii and the NES Mini before it, the Nintendo Switch has been hard to find since its launch in early March. To help meet this demand, Nintendo has been shipping consoles to the U.S and Europe using planes. This is much more costly than traditional shipping, the Wall Street Journal estimating it costs Nintendo an additional $45 per system. Have you been able to find a Switch? Tell us below.



  1. ||Yes, annihilate any Xbot on sight while expanding our reach…||

  2. The WSJ is full of shit! It definitely does not cost $45 per system! A quick search on UPS resulted in $8 per pound for air freight from the USA to Japan. Even if the package is 4 pounds that only makes $32. And I’m sure Nintendo can find an even better deal than I did in 2 minutes!

  3. Still the system may still have those faults, until those are rectified the system is a waste of money despite what people of team switch say. People i know have returned their consoles in for a refund after problems arose.

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