Nintendo And T-Shirt Company Uniqlo Teamed Up To Bring Us Some Fan-Designed T-Shirts

Nintendo teamed up with Uniqlo, a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer, to host a contest for fans to create Nintendo-themed T-shirts. Miyamoto got to choose the top spot with the lucky winner grabbing $10,000 in prize money. All winners have now been picked and their T-shirt designs available to buy. There are an impressive 25 designs in total with adult sizes selling for $14.90 and kids ones going for $9.90. Splatoon, Metroid, Pikmin and Mario are all in there. Check out the full list of winners and how to purchase here.



  1. They are abit meh, the splatoon one is great, I just want a Metroid or F-Zero t-shirt

  2. Woah, there’s some really nice designs in the collection. Actually gonna consider buying one or two maybe.

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