Nintendo Switch

Blaster Master Zero Update Introduces New DLC Characters And Modes

Version 1.2 for Master Blaster Zero is now available to download and with it brings a wealth of new content. New modes and DLC characters that will be available over time are included in the update for the Nintendo Switch title. Check out some of the points below for a brief run-down of what you can expect:

  • Destroyer Mode – “a super difficult hard mode” that can be accessed when the game has been cleared. Jason and SOPHIA III will also have new skins
  • EX Character Mode: DLC characters will be made available over time and you’ll be able to play through with these enjoying their bespoke abilities
  • First DLC characters will be: Gunvolt and Ekoro. Gunvolt will be free between 4th – 17th May 2017, Ekoro’s promotional period to run between 1st June – 14th June 2017.

Here’s a nifty video for the 1.2 update:




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