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Pokémon GO Updated On iOS And Android

Good news for Pokemon GO fans as the popular augmented reality application has received a new update today. The app is constantly being updated with new features and additional language support, which is very encouraging. This time around the team have added Brazilian Portuguese language support and also if you tap on a medal you’ve received it now shows the progress towards the next. Have fun!

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language support.
  • Tapping on a medal will now show your progress toward the next medal tier.


14 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Updated On iOS And Android”

    1. Fire Emblem Elitist

      Amen to that, Phones ARE NOT CONSOLES! Consoles are Nintendo , sony playstation and the xbox

  1. I haven’t seen the update go through yet on my phone. When do you think it’ll arrive in the Central states?

  2. Fire Emblem Elitist

    Why bother even playing this sorry excuse of an app “not a game an app! when you dont wear the hp down and only do what a n00b would do and throw a fucking ball, and with a company that’s so far up it’s own ass, you wonder why idiots even play that stupid app in the first place.

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