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EA Is Considering Bringing More Of Its Games To Nintendo Switch

EA has a huge number of high-profile video games in its portfolio but have so far only announced one title for the Nintendo Switch, FIFA 18. That is set to change thanks to the sales success that the Nintendo Switch has become. Speaking to investors in EA’s recent financial call, CEO Andrew Wilson says they are extremely excited about the console and are considering bringing more of their games to Nintendo’s latest platform.


80 thoughts on “EA Is Considering Bringing More Of Its Games To Nintendo Switch”

      1. To clarify, by “Haters,” you mean, “People who want to play more than Mario and indie games,” – Right? Then yes, Battlefield, Starwars BattleFront (assuming part 2 is better than part 1), NFS and others would be welcome titles to the Nintendo platform, assuming Switch owners don’t already have a solution that allows games to be played at full res.

        1. “To clarify, by “Haters,” you mean, “People who want to play more than Mario and indie games,” – Right? ”

          No, (s)he means people who selectively pretend that 3rd party support doesn’t follow a successful platform and that the Switch doesn’t have an objectively strong launch lineup in comparison to history’s launch lineups for the express purpose of pretending it’s an inferior platform.

          “assuming Switch owners don’t already have a solution that allows games to be played at full res.”

          You list “solution” as though it’s a significant problem. If you’re squinting your eyes to try and spot the difference in image quality, frankly it isn’t really video games you’re interested in. Historically, the vast majority of the market hasn’t cared that much which console is technically superior, and that’s when there’s a significant difference.

          Really, these complaints are for the type of customer who buys into Microsoft’s 4th failed console in a row because it has more power.

        2. Since I can’t reply direction, I guess we’re going with “@cronotose”

          Lists for the win!

          1. Switch has a shit lineup, and is thriving because of WiiU ports. Try again.

          2. Not being able to play 3rd party games IS a Significant problem for a lot of gamers. Don’t fool yourself and think otherwise.

          3. “Really, these complaints are for the type of customer who buys into Microsoft’s 4th failed console in a row because it has more power.” – This made me laugh out loud as I’ve been screwed by Nintendo and their failed consoles over and over. You might want to re-check your definition of “failed” as you’ll be sad to see Nintendo falling into that bucket.

          Now, let’s pretend for a second that you’re not a Fanboy. You should know I was holding back and being fairly tame considering the person I responded to fired off the blanketed “hater’s” comment, basically a shotgun blast that could tag anyone that’s not a Nintendo-is-God fanatic.

          What are you, 13 yrs old? I guess you haven’t been on the Nintendo bandwagon long, or you’d remember getting screwed out of modern games for over a decade.

          GOOD DAY SIR. :)

      2. bring back MOH make it FUN support gyro and twin sticks and hands apart wii remote stylew gyro mouse LIKE YOU KNOW REAL GAMERS USE IN 2017 not cod aim assist tank 90s controls like some prehistoric ps4 gameplay

        and il consider buying it!!!!!!!!!!!

        fifa 8 suport wii pess gyro mouse team controls and il consider buying it support only control one dude at a time 90s football like a ps1 game COUGH LIKE PS4 stick it in your dum,b ass EA

        switch is cutting edge use the cutting edge oh and advanced deep sweet hd rumble to

        i dont want playstion shit on my switch i want SWITCH ENHANCED SHIT

        1. EA doesnt suck as much as Konami but I am intrigued by Super Bomberman R and I might pick up a copy when I don’t have any other games that I am already getting either in the coming weeks or when there is a month that has a no games I’m not interested in. This month is Disgaea 5 Complete Limited Edition and Fire Emblem Echoes Shadow of Valentia (I may also pick up Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers) June is nothing so I may use that month for picking it up, July is Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star so I guess June it is though not sure if I should go for the physical or digital (I do have a 128 GB micro SD so space is something I need worry not).

          1. Nothing is worse than EA as a gaming company. Though they still produce some good games so it’s hard to skip everything from them. I haven’t bought anything from EA in many years (pure Steam user), though a Mass Effect for Nintendo Switch would tempt me.I still haven’t played the third episode, heard the last isn’t that good though I like very much that setting. For now I’m just avoiding EA (because it’s an evil company).

            1. Battlefront 1 looked good and they cut corners, let’s how they do better this time around! It took some will-power, but I skipped the first one, and am glad I did. :)

                1. So you want a console to fail because of your own entitlement? It’s embarrassing that you call yourself a gamer because you should be happy that a console does well and you should be thankful that we even have the options we have. You don’t have to like it but Jesus Christ give credit where it’s due.

                  P.S. The switch is a real console and no one is forcing anyone to buy anything. Get your head out of the gutter.

                    1. REALITY CHECK, douchebagfan2009– The Nintendo Switch is a REAL console. Your entitlement blows monkey chunks of crap. Get the fuck outta here!

                        1. Does anyone even care about sports games? Or single player games with forced multiplayer? Because I dont care about sports games, and I have zero interest in multiplayer.

                          1. Careful, or else you’ll upset the fans that live and breath mainstream sports.

                            The only sports series that interest me is MLB and there haven’t been that many games lately.

                            1. I know that is not a popular thought, but this are one of the things Nintendo need the most. Uk Gamers are a community that always will buy sports games. Latin American consumers almost always will buy a console just for FIFA…

                            2. Personally no, but these sports games continuously top the top 10 sales chart every month. That alone should tell you that were in the minority.

                            1. Nintendo switch dock without the cables is $60
                              Joy con controller aka wii motes is $90.
                              You have to pay for the joy con grip.

                              The joy con controller cost more than the actual tablet itself and the dock is overpriced af.

                              Dont tell me this is a normal console nintenrones. You’re fos. This is the wii all over again.

                                1. Also, aren’t you fighting over pieces of plastic?
                                  Why are you making fun of Nintendo fans who enjoy an console experience on the go and in home?
                                  If you’re a PC Gamer, I can see why, some of you underling PC Gamers tend to insult console fans whilst us normal PC Gamers just let them be or try out consoles to see what it’s like.

                                  I personally enjoy the Nintendo more than the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S I had previously owned, I’ve been playing a hell of a lot on the console mode. Heck, I have over 18 Games on my Nintendo Switch yet only 10 games on my PS4 Pro.

                                  Honestly, out of all the systems I feel like the Nintendo Switch is the best console so far, but that doesn’t mean the PS4 and Xbox One are bad either, it’s just they didn’t impress me as much due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft are trying way too hard in trying to turn those systems into gaming PCs. Nintendo on the other hand actually knows what console gamers want, which is just games.

                                  If you want the best graphics, PC
                                  If you want an amazing console experience, Nintendo Switch
                                  But if you like games like Uncharted or Halo, then you could get the PS4 or Xbox One or Both.

                                  Please stop trying to start wars in the community because it just makes you look silly.

                                    1. Also I’m not fighting over pieces of plastic. Im saying the switch isnt a normal console and its the wii all over again. I don’t care if people like or dislike other consoles.

                                    2. Actually, Gamingfan2009, you’re right… it’s around $250 which again is a good deal if you think about much the PS4 and Xbox One cost to build. Plus, 2.7 Million Units sold is a good sign for the Switch and saying it’s “The Wii all over again” is kind of contradicting what you’re saying here as the Wii was a massive success and dominated the power PS3 and Xbox 360.


                                      1. Zelda was an amazing game, and drove the install base forward with a fury. Mario Kart 8 port following with no competition from 3rd party further solidified the Switch’s numbers.

                                        Zelda single handedly secured the Switch’s future. It’s not going to fail, and it’s not going anywhere. If you want to play games outside the mushroom kingdom, get another platform. That’s what I did and haven’t turned back since. I’ve logged nearly 150 hrs on my WiiU Breath of the Wild, and still use my WiiU For Mass Effect3 and Black Flag – and my N3DS has been a Fire Emblem machine. – For all the other heavy-hitting games, I have my other box.

                                        If you don’t like the switch, don’t buy it. I’m not buying one until it get’s a make-over, and it’s library is greatly expanded. So maybe a year or two, if even then.

                                        Nintendo played their cards perfectly. The Marketing and Zelda release were a 1-2 punch that you have to give them kudos for. I don’t like it either, but it Is what it is. If you don’t like it, go have fun elsewhere. There are lots of options!

                                        If they release a new Metroid, it won’t be for another year or so. I’ll jump in then. No Metroid, no deal for me.

                                    3. The Star Wars, Mass Effect and Battlefield franchises are the only EA series of games I care about being on the Switch and I don’t find it surprising that EA wants a piece of the Switch pie now. They did support the Wii very strongly when it was hot, hopefully they plan on doing that with the Switch but for the long haul

                                    4. They did tease some Need for Speed news, so maybe a Nintendo Switch port of the next Need for Speed?
                                      That’d be awesome as I love the series and taking the full console version on the go instead of a watered down mobile/portable version of the game would be awesome.

                                      1. I saw that news and a few screenshots. I would be down for a new NFS game on Switch and I hope for it. The Switch needs a good “realistic” racing game.

                                    5. dont care about sports games because i am not a fan of them unless they have Mario in them but thats besides the point, point is while i don’t give a monkey’s toss (ashens reference) others do and i do like to see sports games succeed even though im not a huge fan of them, did i mention that i dont like sports games and that wwe would be the closest thing i ll actually buy if not for my youngest sis because she is a huge fan of wwe and the fact that i switch between trying to use proper grammar and punctuations to just giving up because it waste more time and this comment is becoming a rant no one wants and….and that is how horses were born.

                                    6. *Considering*:
                                      So they got a meeting at EA, one guy says “the Switch is doing well, maybe we can develop something more for that system one day?”
                                      “Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. So what’s next?”

                                    7. Considering​? Just bloody do it! All this sit back and wait approach is crap, the Switch is doing great so start porting over!!!

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                                    9. No one gives two shits about what EA does because the games they release on nintendo consoles have been and always will be garbage! I don’t like Ubisoft, but at least they try to release some of their top tier games on Nintendo’s platforms, where as EA thinks consumer should be kissing their entitled asses whenever they release a 3 year old sports game on Nintendo’s platform after everyone else had beaten and spoiled it on every damn platform in existence:/

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