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DeNA Talks About Partnership With Nintendo, Animal Crossing For Mobile And More

DeNA has recently published their quarter financial results. Within the report they outlined some details about their partnership with Nintendo, how Fire Emblem Heroes has performed and DeNA also reiterated on when we can expect Animal Crossing on mobile. Here’s a brief run-down:

  • Animal Crossing mobile will release this financial year (before 31 March 2018).
  • Specific delivery time of Animal Crossing will be at a later date.
  • The partnership with Nintendo is medium to long-term.
  • They will publicly announce future titles when appropriate.
  • They are developing collaborative titles that will release beyond this term.
  • Will focus on updates and events etc to Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Reached a satisfactory level of sales with Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Super Mario Run has reached 165 countries and will soon achieve 150 million downloads.


11 thoughts on “DeNA Talks About Partnership With Nintendo, Animal Crossing For Mobile And More”

  1. Pingback: Dena reconfirma que Animal Crossing para móviles será lanzado antes de que termine marzo de 2018

    1. Well they did say collabs animal crossing did this before where they hold back a game to release close to each other city folk and wild world are examples but animal crossing switch and the app could work with each other in some way I could see it being announce at e3 or in a special direct Rember when they reveal amiibo festival at the e3 uuhhh actually let’s not talk about that game

  2. See how they stylishly avoided speaking about Fire Emblem Heroes sales and downloads? I find it strange since they were quick to announce the performances of Pokemon Go, Miitomo and Super Mario Run.

    1. But Super Mario Run was not successful in terms of money and Nintendo already announced that FEH actually generated more money than SMR….

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