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Video: Disgaea 5 Complete Nintendo Switch And PS4 Comparison

With Disgaea 5 Complete pre-orders stacking up nicely in the West, hype for the game is seemingly high. Direct-Feed Games have taken it upon themselves to compare load times and footage of the game between the Switch and PS4 versions. Don’t expect much difference though, they both run nearly identically. I, for one, only noticed slight changes in the font and the colours on the PS4 version seem to be slightly brighter. I’ll leave it up to you to decide:


12 thoughts on “Video: Disgaea 5 Complete Nintendo Switch And PS4 Comparison”

  1. English voice acting is garbage on this game. Why are the colors on the Switch version washed out while the ps4 version seem more vibrant? watch the animated intro portion to understand what I’m referring to.

    1. The Switch colours look washed out because the guy who recorded the video forgot (by his own admission in YouTube comments) to set the Switch to full-RGB mode (it’s on auto). Visuals are identical in that mode.

    2. From what Ive been reading, apparently they forgot to change the settings when switching their capture from PS4 to Switch which would explain why their colors are a bit duller.

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