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Some Users Report That Their Nintendo Switch Is Taking Random Screenshots

Some Nintendo Switch owners on Reddit and the Nintendo Support page are reporting that their consoles are taking screenshots all by themselves. The issue even arose on a recent streaming session for Minecraft not too long ago.

A common denominator is that this weird behaviour is setting in after they install Minecraft. Personally, mine has a habit of crashing as of late but, like this ‘glitch, a simple press and hold of the power button for 12 seconds performs a hard reset. Resetting the console in this way seems to be working so if you’re encountering problems then it may be worth trying this method.

Have you had this problem with your Switch? Let me know below.

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36 thoughts on “Some Users Report That Their Nintendo Switch Is Taking Random Screenshots”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Obviously not, they would experience far worse problems instead…||

    1. If the problem persists over a long period of time your Switch would be rammed full of useless screenshots. If I were reading a Nintendo News website, I’d hope to be informed.

      1. It took Nintendo nearly a year to address the 3DS screen-scratch issue. until then, I’d look for articles like this, addressing the issue until enough people spoke out and Nintendo couldn’t ignore it anymore, admitting a design and material defect.

        You done the right thing reporting on it, and I think most of us here would agree!

  1. Well i think is not all problem….
    When i finished use minecraft on my nintendo switch i put Just Dance 2017 and started to appear the main menu of the switch in the middle of the song …. I never press the menu button but nose …. maybe another glitch the minecraft

  2. I think with how many Switches there are now in the wild, if this were a wide spread problem we would know. Sounds like Minecraft is glitched a bit.

  3. The only random screenshots I’ve had is when I use the pro controller and go to hit the map button in botw and accidentally hit the capture button instead lol

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