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Ubisoft Wants To Continue As Dominant Third-Party On Nintendo Platforms

Ubisoft has confirmed its commitment to Nintendo platforms in its recent earnings call. The third-party publisher and developer wants to continue to be the dominant third party publisher on Nintendo platforms going forward and they plan to do this by supporting the Nintendo Switch with a variety of interesting games. Ubisoft also said that they are incredibly pleased at how well the Nintendo Switch is selling and that it truly has the potential to reach a huge audience.

“… And on top of this, as we have said for quite some time now, we will be delivering some great games for the Switch. The platform’s launch is going incredibly well and we believe the Switch has the potential to reach wide audience. As you know, Ubisoft has been the leading third-party publisher on Nintendo’s console over the past 10 years, and we intend to maintain that position.”

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40 thoughts on “Ubisoft Wants To Continue As Dominant Third-Party On Nintendo Platforms”

    1. Ubisoft is a corporation and corporations make money just like Nintendo.

      Setting aside how we feel about Ubisoft you can count on them to want money. If Nintendo sells it (switch) they will come!

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||You know exactly what I mean, support is one thing, support with weaponry that 95% of us do not want is the same as not having support…||

    1. They sold crazy amounts of Let’s Dance for the Wii. And Zombi U is one of very few 3rd party titles to sell more than 1 million on the Wii U (I think Minecraft and Pokken were the only other ones). But “dominant”? I don’t know.

  1. We need South park on the switch…assasin creed….far cry 5.. You can keep the kiddy fuckery to yourself ubisoft!!

      1. Yeah i know…but ubi mostly wanna bring kiddy stuff to Nintendo…we need all games not the kiddy stuff only

  2. Only Ubisoft could use a term as dumb as ‘dominant third party’. No amount of half-assed ports of their half-assed usual game lineup will make that true.

    1. Better than the no games others have made. Say what you will but no other third party developer has supported Nintendo more. That includes all titles made for Nintendo systems. All you have to do you look at the list of games released whether missing content or not.

      1. Capcom and Atlus are 3rd party devs and both companies have shown way more stronger support than Ubisoft. The MH series, RE Revelations (which was the game that saved the RE franchise at the time), the Ace Attorney series which is a Nintendo exclusive series. Atlus’s Shin Megami, Etrian series, Conception series ect. Want a list proving Atlus is a stronger supporter on Nintendo’s platforms and have been for years here you go

        1. Just count the number of unison games on the wii u and you will see what I’m saying. Just dance every year, 2 assassin creed game, zombiu, rayman, splinter cell, watchdogs, a rabbids game, your shape, sports connections, child of light, and others I maybe missing. Some of them may not be liked but they are there. Ubisoft is correct.

      2. Jesus. Thank you. Some sense around here! I’ve been saying that for years and I was going to keep my mouth shut this time but since you’ve gone ahead and set it I’ll give you my thumbs up.

  3. The Strongest 3rd party I’ve seen who give Nintendo the best support so far is Capcom! Say what you want but if it weren’t for MH3U,4U, Gen, and soon to be double cross (which are Nintendo exclusives) I never would have bought a 3ds. Capcom may be dicks when it comes to their RE series but compared to other 3rd party companies, who only give the crappy leftovers no one wants, Capcom has been a constant supporter with their best selling franchise right now on Nintendo’s platforms.
    Btw Ubisoft, what happened to that ZombiU 2 game that you were working on….. nothing? I thought so.

      1. Even Atlus gave more support than Ubisoft lol. Ubisoft and these other AAA publishers are becoming delusional now, they actually believe their games are the only thing keeping the industry alive. Funny thing is I found myself interested in indie and single player games mostly as of late, like NieR Automata, BotW, Gravity Rush 1-2, Horizon Zero Dawn ect, and none of the games I love are from EA, Ubisoft, WB or Activision lol.

    1. Also if it weren’t for Capcom releasing a low budget RE game on the 3ds (RE Revelations), which turned out to be the RE game that saved the franchise at the time because Capcom was planning to stop any future RE projects after 6 flopped btw, RE7 and future RE remakes wouldn’t have ever even been a thought. You all have Nintendo owners to thank for that, even when they got shafted on the not getting RER2.

      1. I’m replying here since it won’t let me reply to your other comment. From 2007 to 2017 Ubisoft has published over 120 games on Nintendo platforms. It is amazing they provided that many games. Whether they are good games, missing content, or bad games. Ubisoft gives Nintendo great support. I have a love hate relationship with Ubisoft so I’m usually more critical than positive with me but they are correct.

    2. did you even own a Wii U? because you seem to have no idea how badly Nintendo neglected the Wii U and sabotaged its own games.

      I would regurgitate the same old argument I always use but I can tell it’s going to be an exhausting, pointless conversation.

      just remember when you point a finger at Ubisoft you’re pointing 3 at yourself.

  4. “looks at 3DS library* – What Ubisoft games and how are they dominant again? Atlus and Square and Capcom support Nintendo platforms far more than Ubi does

  5. Let’s see it then. I’d really like it if Rayman had a ton of brand new levels to play instead of just new shit for Kung Foot.

        1. I agree, but Ubisoft’s argument is that they’re the most dominant 3rd party for nintendo. Just Dance sells a lot more than most 3rd party hardcore titles on Nintendo consoles.

  6. I think everyone here is misunderstanding “dominant.” Its not the amount of games that makes them the dominant 3rd party developer, but the amount of money that they make from those games. Yeah weve gotten more, better quality-wise games from Atlus and Capcom, but Atlus games are really niche, and Capcom, well unless its Monster Hunter, it doesnt do gangbusters. Ubi has the Rabbid ip, which is huge, the Imagine series that was also huge, and the just dance series. Just dance is the only other 3rd party game that made the Wii’s top 20 games sold. Everything else is made by nintendo, a 2nd party or Sega. That Sega game wouldnt have sold anything close to what it did if it didnt have mario in it.

    And as shitty as those imagine games are, they sold a TON and im almost certain that the development cost was a bag of fun size snickers.

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  8. “Delivering some great games” ay? Oh yeah, Ubi? At last? I haven’t forgotten those… Like Prince of Persia (the trilogy, The Fallen King, the franchise), Batman Vengeance, Buck Bumble… Oh & Red Steel 2 w/ hopes of 3… The original vision for Raving Rabbids… & you delivered No More Heroes & NMH 2, & Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (I hope JPN sensibilities see a resurgence)… Maybe some of those games weren’t “great”, but good enough for moi. Certainly ‘I’ haven’t forgotten them…

    But Ubi? The Prince is dead. Buck Bumble only ever flew once. & Batman has mostly become a roided up brawler & a shiny doll skirting the uncanny valley, driving an absurdly resource-heavy Batmobile, trying to break into Hollywood some more (not Ubi’s fault, per se, but an industry trend).

    For me, Rayman Legends was a treat, but the promise of exclusivity, & when Wii U needed the game the most, well, that promise of exclusivity was broken (sure, multiplatting–fewer & less optimized & less fitting games for more but similar platforms–is the current business model. Nonetheless, exclusivity was promised, & launch sales of Wii U were higher than 360 launch sales. Yet RL became another multiplat & was delayed). Child of Light was most welcome. ZombiU, despite its flaws & the decisions that surrounded it, was a step in the right direction IMO, & utilized the Gamepad even when Nintendo was failing to do so (though Switch has pretty much sealed dual-screen gaming’s fate, as well as alternative “multiplats” (e.g. PoP: The Fallen King) since N’s new handheld is the same platform as their new console, & Switch has even reduced insentives for new IP since it’s a very powerful handheld (high dev cost, high expectations), & basically the same platform as the console, thus ripe for simply porting multiplats. But other games? Aside from the photorealistic? Aside from FPS, Open World, & Party? Aside from the games I already mentioned?

    Ubi remembers Beyond Good & Evil, but I’m unsure if its sequel will embody the spirit of the first, what w/ the industry’s current run on the AAA treadmill (faster, faster… FASTER), & its trend of hardcore audiovisuals, & overemphasizing story, online multiplayer, DLC &/or microtransactions, important patches, trojan stores like Uplay, PC-centric genres/mechanics rather than focusing on the heart of console-centric gaming.

    But hey, for moi, the current climate, regardless of Ubisoft’s offerings, leaves me empty.

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