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RiME Dev On FPS, HD Rumble Inclusion – Says Nintendo Switch Version Is Hardest To Make

The latest details for RiME, by Tequila Works, come from an interview hosted by GameReactor. Information about the title and its progress for Nintendo Switch came up but it’s interesting to hear that they say that the Nintendo Switch version is the hardest to make. Here are some bullet points from the interview:

  • Glad Nintendo wanted to have the game on Switch
  • Has taken a lot of work to get the game on Switch, making it the “the hardest” version to develop
  • Looking for parity between PS4 in terms of graphics and performance
  • Have made a lot of tweaks due to architecture, ram, streaming and more
  • “Not as simple as pressing the ‘Make Switch version’ button in Unreal Engine 4”
  • They’d love to add HD Rumble support, but right now their focus is on getting performance right
  • HD Rumble will be added if they have time
  • Still aiming for Summer launch
  • 1080p/30fps docked, 720p/30fps handheld.

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31 thoughts on “RiME Dev On FPS, HD Rumble Inclusion – Says Nintendo Switch Version Is Hardest To Make”

    1. Indies are spoiled these days. Every quick tech demo they make in a popular engine will work right away on a powerful machine. And then they start complaining when they have to do some extra work to make it run on a weaker machine. Programmers in the old days had to save every byte of memory they could. They even had to understand how the hardware works to squeeze out some extra bytes.

  1. I’m pretty sure these are the only devs who think that the Switch is hard to develop for, so I’m a gonna say it’s probably their fault. Not sure what they mean as having to tweak a lot of stuff due to architecture as the Switch is pretty much built to work flawlessly with unreal engine 4. Also the game is far from graphically demanding so yeah, i conclude that is the devs being lazy, or having a lack of skill. Still think the game looks fun btw.

    1. }{ Do not look down on those for having difficulties with things beyond your understanding… Developing for an additional system is difficult… Developing for an additional system that is substantially different from all other systems is that much more difficult… Just because Unreal Engine 4 works on Switch, does not mean it is like Unity where ports are easy… They probably had to rewrite and streamline several things as far as programming goes, because the Switch (no matter how much peasants on here attempt to contest it) is not as powerful as other consoles, much less having a chance to stand up to the might of PC… And while many attempt to argue that the graphics in Rime are cell shaded, and thus less demanding on the system, that does not mean they are not demanding regardless, not to mention that there are more ways for a system to be taxed than just graphics, especially in the processing department (which mostly affects things like draw distance)… To say the least, porting smaller games or games on Unity to the Switch may be as easy as some developers say, extremely easy, but it is still an under powered console, so bigger projects like Rime will most likely see more difficulties with it, and that is not because of their lack of skills, but Nintendo’s lack of power… Unless you are a developer, who actually works with things of this nature, please keep such unfounded insults to yourself… }{

      1. You say all that, and yet, Sumo was able to get Snake Pass ported to the Switch in a matter of days,(and also basically having the “click here to make Switch Version” method, that these guys claim is impossible) and with one subsequent patch later, had the visuals essentially on par with PS4, and performance improved with frame rate.

        So, why would Sumo be able to take an Unreal Engine 4 game, slap it on the Switch in a matter of days, and have it playing pretty much perfectly out the gate, with one minor patch to really dial it in, but these guys can’t? I think this completely destroys your argument that Nintendo’s “weak hardware” is to blame. It’s VERY CLEARLY developer talent. Sumo is a bigger studio, and have developed some AAA titles. These guys have not. So yes, the insults are very likely valid, and you are just attempting damage control for them.

  2. Omg this team of developers are the only who says the Nintendo Switch development process is more hard than PS4. WTF is going on. Other development team are saying Nintendo Switch isn’t underpower and also is easy to develop on it. Today we see these guys saying the exactly opposite.
    Personally they will not have my money for their game.
    First for the price.
    Second the game it self is not so interesting to me.
    Third – The Switch is the hardest version to bring the game… Yeah sure.

  3. Pfft. Boy are they going to feel silly when they find the “make a Nintendo switch version button”.

    Seriously though I don’t know why these dogs are trying so hard to make their product perform well on the switch. They should just be like Nintendo and be like “f*** it who cares if it has framerate issues and can’t even hit 1080p?”

    I guess maybe the developers have some self-respect and don’t want their product looking crappy no matter what platform it’s on. shame on them for not being lazy.

    1. According to Sumo, that button does exist lol.. They ported an Unreal Engine 4 game to the Switch in less than a week, and only needed one further patch to dial the game in even closer to PS4 quality. I don’t know what the problem is with these guys.

  4. In the actual article they aren’t really downplaying the switch at all. Their just stating that they want to make it work the same as the other consoles and so they have had to redesign certain things which is why it’s been harder to develop for, which is to be expected since the switch has less power so I imagine they have to work harder to make it run properly. They aren’t complaining at all just stating their experience with it. Remember this game was not originally made with the switch in mind. The fact that they are taking the time to develop the game is great.

  5. the delusion of the fanboys in these comments is always astounding. now yopu guys somehow know how difficult its is to develope games, and that it must people the programmers fault? i like nintendo but fanboys can only go so far.

      1. The majority.. ok, how many games already released on Switch with same graphics level as RiME?
        A ton of Indies with simple graphics, Disgaea with simple graphics, Zelda (great graphics comparing to other Switch projects, but absolutely incomparable with PC or PS4/XONE AAA projects), MK8 has a nice graphics with great artstyle, Snake Pass has good graphics, but it has lower resolution and seems blurry than PS4 version.

        So majority doesn’t exist in eShop. It just hype and talks. Don’t push developers which want to bring the best experience to Switch. Switch is great device, but it’s just 1/3 of XONE in terms of power. Just because someone in Internet saying that it’s not underpowered — it is, because we all know the hardware of Switch, PS4 and XONE. Porting the game to underpowered system which wasn’t in mind on start could be difficult, cause it wasn’t a restriction in terms of memory, processing power, display size, controls support etc.
        Nobody will care about optimization before it’s really necessary, because it’s extra time and money.

  6. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||They didn’t attend our lecture, obviously they will struggle then…||

    1. I disagree commander. They attended the lecture. That’s why they know.. . Easy or not, a good game takes time. They are not lazy Devs.
      You can go ahead and punish Slightly Mad studios (Project fuqing Cars)

  7. Glad to hear that they’re aiming for parity with this version. It’s hardly groundbreaking graphically but it’s one of the bigger projects in terms of size and visuals that we’ve seen from an indie dev so far. No wonder they’ve had to make some special adjustments.

  8. Well, I am thankful that they are taking the time and energy to make this game on the Switch happen. They easily could have said it wasn’t worth their time, but clearly they are interested in tapping into the Switch audience.

    1. I don’t think they are complaining. I think they are showing their commitment to its release. Even with the make switch version button, it won’t change the fact that the switch has 1/2 the amount of RAM that the PS4 has. They will need to make some smart tweaks to keep up the performance and maintain its closeness to a PS4 version. This might mean changing the lighting, compressing textures, draw distance and so on. I thank them for their commitment.

  9. Snake Pass and Rime probably tax the Switch in different ways. Rime has a bit more open world to begin with. So it won’t be so automatic. They might need to tweak the draw distance and occlusion culling to enable the game save RAM and uphold it’s framerate. The positive thing here is that they are committed to making it work… Compare this to the antics of the Totally mad studio named Slightly Mad and their Project CARS story.

  10. I don’t get all the negativity around here… they haven’t said anything bad, they’ve just voiced their issues with the platform. I’m sure that they will get the game out and it will be close in performance to the other versions. People around here take any criticism of the Switch as an attack, people need to relax.

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  12. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.}

    Fanboys whining again because someone isn’t saying nothing but praise for Switch? Typical…

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