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Here’s A Look At The Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version Limited Edition

Japanese gamers will no doubt be excited to hear that there’s a special edition Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch edition coming their way. The bundle includes a copy of the long-awaited game, a special shoulder bag, the ‘Creators Selection’ soundtrack CD, a ‘Production Note’ 32 page book, and a acrylic dot mascot (one of nine). All this is priced up at ¥12,744 ($114.5). You can check out goodies for the game, below.


4 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version Limited Edition”

  1. I just don’t get Capcom and the retarded choices they make sometimes. They want a top selling game now, but choose to wait damn near a full year to release it in the west? I understand they have to translate the other half of the game, since this is just a MHX/Gen revision 2, but a full year is just retarded, especially when the opportunity to sell this game is ripe for the picking as there are plenty of Switch owners who are just looking for new exclusives o play on the Switch due to it being a new handheld/console.
    To all devs, waiting for a system to pick up the pace is just a retarded move! When you have a clear sign of a console doing well the best time to release your games worldwide is when the pickings is slim, don’t wait until next COD/BF releases to take a chance, only to fail big and risk being another Titanfall 2, please don’t be that guy, you are only making yourself look retarded at that point! Nintendo has shown proof that releasing your products during the gaming dry spell months will put you ahead greatly in the long run.

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