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Nintendo Provides More Details To Famitsu About Switch Paid Online Service

Thanks to questions sent to Nintendo from Famitsu, we now have a few more bits of information regarding Nintendo’s paid online service for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is seemingly undecided about the sales schedule for the Virtual Console. They also point out that the Classic Game Selection is different to that of the potential Virtual Console offering. Check out some of the points below:

  • Details regarding online play for the Classic Game Selection will be shared later
  • The Classic Game Selection and Virtual Console are two different things
  • A title from the Classic Game Selection is software that adds new features to classic games
  • The sale schedule for Virtual Console for Switch is not yet decided
  • Switch owners will subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online for each account, not as a console
  • Service is charged per each Nintendo Account
  • Nintendo says to wait for future details on tying various Nintendo Accounts to a single Switch
  • Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online service through the eShop
  • When it goes live, you’ll be able to join by using your balance on the eShop, with a credit card or a prepaid number
  • Nintendo will sell download cards in Japan.

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94 thoughts on “Nintendo Provides More Details To Famitsu About Switch Paid Online Service”

  1. You’re details are no details. Fucking failure, yet again. Nintendo just loves to live in 1999. Can’t even do party chat or voice chat, a basic feature on even a fucking Vita and has been out for more than 15 to 18 years.

      1. How far behind are you to even consider a fucking app to do online? I got an idea, let me just plug my headset into the switch and voice chat, like, you know, Xbox and PS4, who allow you to plug your headset into a control to do these features. You damage control this and you clearly are an idiot.

      2. @darthcrisb

        Basic features are even on the vita, which have been on for 15 years already. I didn’t say the Vita has been out for that long. I’m saying even features on the Vita have been out for years. People have been voice chatting since the 99’s with counter strike if you’re even old enough to remember that shit.

      3. You think it’s okay to spend 20 dollars a year on an application that doesn’t give you details on how it will work, and will only be assigned to one account? And to boot, Nintendo doesn’t even know how to assign this to a system? Good luck playing Splatoon when your phone dies and you have to go all over the place using cords and a charger at your wall. Mind you, all you should have been able to do from the start was have your device connect to the switch. It shouldn’t be a fucking operation.

        1. First, learn fucking spelling. You clearly keep showing you are a ten year old. You don’t even own switch and keep praising it. Loving it won’t make mom buy it any faster. And if devices are what we’re talking about, I remember cell phones without a cord that you could talk to other people without wires. Sorry to say Nintendo still can’t do that.

        2. What’s your game tag on switch then? What’s your code? Nintendo still thinks it’s okay for me to have to ask someone for a code instead of a user name. This is the fucking problem in itself. This is why Nintendo keeps pushing crap like this. You accept it every single time.

        3. And SNES had a feature you get games downloaded into your system to play via internet. Look at the Zelda games for SNES if you’re old enough to know there was more than one Zelda on that system.

      4. A paid service that doesn’t even features that are not part of a paid service on Sony and Microsoft’s end. You can party chat, share play with one game, and even broadcast your game without PSN or Xbox Live. And Nintendo can’t even bring us a service with details to what they consider is details to the service​. Haha.

          1. A Civic is also cheaper than a Rolls Royce. It doesnt mean its the same value.

            Going from PS3 with no Plus service to PS4 with Plus service was a HUGE increase in what you got.

            Going from Wii U to Switch with this anemic service isnt really much of a difference. So far it looks like well be paying $20 a month for nes games and the ability to use an app to chat with our friends.

            But not just any app, no no no no, a Nintendo app. You know, like A nintendo made app. Its going to be better than all the countless FREE apps because you know, its a Nintendo app

          2. “A Civic is also cheaper than a Rolls Royce. It doesnt mean its the same value.”

            An excellent example, as for almost everyone on planet earth, the cost increase for getting a Rolls isn’t worth it.

            Your whole argument is predicated on ridiculous assumptions. Nintendo’s holding the details about the paid online service until they can reveal it all at once in a direct, Right now, you’re just taking their lack of verbally confirming something as an indication that a feature won’t exist. You would know how Nintendo releases this kind of information if you’d paid attention to video game news for more than the last 6 months.

          3. @cronotose

            my comparison was an extreme exaggeration to space cabin’s comment. you know, his (as of now Nintendo service) comparison to PS+. A comparison that isnt even fair because what ever you think of plus, it still shits on what has been currently announced for the Nintendo service, even at $20.

          4. So you rather play 20 dollars to play one game online? Splatoon and what else? Mario kart 8 that doesn’t even do voice chat? Xbox gives you Xbox 360 games and XB1 games every month that’s new games or even somewhat old games? But you wanna play 20 dollars to use a fucking app on your phone and download old games from nes and snes? Meanwhile psn does party chat, voice chat, and share play for FREE!!! NO PSN+. PSN+ gives you actually free PS4, PS3, PS Vita, games every month. I rather pay the 40 a year for Xbox live or psn because the psn membership cards are always on discount every where you go. But you’re gonna pay 20 a year to voice chat with only a handful of games? Really bro? Look at Wii U’s library that was online and how many had voice chat? You Nintendo fag boys are so willing to suck Nintendo at the grith of their dicks for a features that were the exact same on Wii u. Remember, they were trash as well. Now you’re gonna pay for worst.

            1. Sure a lot of damage control. You wanna pay for a fucking app that looks like you’re connecting Gameboy colors to a fucking link cable just to play a game. Let’s see if that shit flies on the big AAA games that Nintendo wants on their system and actually needs to do voice chat. The reason why Nintendo gets away with this bull shit is because of fucking dumb fans like you who accept this crap as a form of acceptance when were in 2017 and everyone is fucking going digital. Dudes is still giving you spiliters and convertors to do a feature that everyone can do without even a cord on other systems. Yet you say “great work nintendo” and buy it up. That’s why they don’t change, because of fans like you who accept failure just because you can’t get pass the stupid nostalgia of an old Zelda or a favorite Mario game when you were a kid. And that’s why real Nintendo fans who appreciated good ideas dislike idiot fan boys like you. Because you guys are reason why Nintendo stays in 1989 as oppose to moving to the 21 fucking century. You’re​ still on old shit and we don’t move forward, we keep moving back.

            2. You’re part of the problem to why Nintendo keeps giving us stupid ideas. You can’t read, so that’s why you didn’t read the message. Simple.

              1. Lol!!! You are definitely under age with that comment. Do you know what a cunt is, cause if you did, you wouldn’t be talking about your mom so bad right now.

            3. “Switch owners will subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online for each account, not as a console”

              LMAO, get outta here.
              Just when you think Nintendo can’t be more backwards, they never fail to prove you wrong. Amazing.

                1. lmao, not really. I’ll advise you to look it up, maybe you’ll be manage to find out that, in fact, only one account needs to be subscribed to PS+ for all registered accounts to be able to play the monthly games and online multiplayer. Pretty sure it’s the same for XB Live.

                2. No, you do not, and yes, it sure as hell does. You don’t have a PS4 nor an XB1, and obviously, your knowledge about them is severely lacking. Several people have explained to you how it works, and you still can’t grasp it. I have my PS4 right next to me, do you want me to record a video for you to show that no, it’s not for guest accounts, but actual registered PSN-accounts? LOL.

                  1. If they make sure to tell us we’ll have to pay for each account seperately, I just don’t have very high hopes for the account tying information including significant changes related to that.

                  2. hahah yeah the first thought that came to mind when i read that was: wow brutal! But doesn’t ps4 work the same way? I’m not really sure because my ps4 is mine and mine alone but I assumed if you wanted to make a second account with it’s own separate PSN ID that person would have their own separate PS Plus membership. Or am I wrong?

                    1. No, not on xbox. If you have multiple accounts playing online, they all need live, otherwise you have to play as a guest and no data will be saved…and some games don’t even allow that.

                    2. Nope, Ridley is right. With the PS4, only one primary account needs to be subscribed to PS+, all other accounts registered on that PS4 can make use of most benefits. You can play all PS+ games and most certainly can play online too, even if you yourself are not subscribed.

                      1. @ Brandon Hardacre

                        I have three people with accounts on my Xbox 1. Only one person has a Gold account, but we all have full access to online play and features. As long as the person with the Gold account sets an Xbox 1 as their home console, every other account on that console will have access to the service. Maybe it worked differently on the 360.

                      2. @Brandon Softcore

                        Bro, stop lying. You don’t have an Xbox or a PlayStation. You don’t have a switch. Xbox and PS4 allow multiple users to one membership. Switch still can’t even figure this out or how to do a system where you cross-buy!!!

                      3. I see what you saying but it is right there in the article. “Nintendo says to wait for future details on tying various Nintendo Accounts to a single Switch”

                        1. Yes, I’m aware of that. But as I’ve said in a previous comment that adressed the same thing, I don’t see them specifically making sure to say that it will be bound to just one account if they planned to do it differently anyway. Why take the negative backlash? If it was subject to change, I don’t think they would have announced it like this.

                        2. @ Namie

                          I honestly wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this changed. From the answers given, it sounds like they are still trying to figure out exactly how the service should work. Remember when paid online was first announced? They made it sound like subscribers would have access to one classic game a month, and be able to play that game only for the month. Now it seems to be that subscribers will have constant access to a library of games as long as they’re subscribers.

                          It seems to be a trend for Nintendo to release vague, confusing PR, then accept any negative backlash until they’re damn well and ready to provide clearer information.

                        3. Dude, that kid doesn’t own a PS4 Xbox 1 or switch. He’s just a fucking poser. Notice that idiot Commander has no comment on this article. Even his ass can’t defend this stupidity.

                          1. *sigh* Fine. I’ll take your bait.~

                            Switch Account:


                            Field Marshall on Halo Reach
                            100ish level on Halo 4
                            6th playthrough on Dark Souls 1 Including DLC
                            2nd playthrough on Dark Souls 2 Including all DLC
                            Mastered Dead Space 1 and 2 including DLC
                            All achievements in 6 games.

                            What now, scrub?

                          2. This is what I do on my PS4 today. The PSPlus is tied to my PSN account, not my console.

                            Other users on the console benefit from my user’s Plus service – but it’s tied to my user. Not my PS4 console.
                            Now if I’m not mistaken this is also how Xbox Live Gold still works.

                            Explain to me how doing the exact thing considered the norm is backwards, please.

                            1. “Service is charged per each Nintendo Account” goes with it, decently implying that every account will be charged. On PS+ and XBL, you only need one subscription per console. If this was the case with the Switch, I don’t think Nintendo would avoid mentioning that, as it’s a pretty significant detail. Why would they want the negative response this is causing if things were to be different in the end? Seems like common sense to me.
                              Of course, the response they’re getting while the service is still in development might change their minds, but as it is being presented now, it seems extremely backwards to me indeed.

                            2. A, didn’t see that response a month ago.

                              Well, my roommate subbed to Plus for the games since then and he’s being charged for it.
                              While he didn’t have to sub to plus, now that he did –
                              both him and me are paying. You could say that the “service is charged per each PSN account”.

                              See how that can be true even if only one charge is truly necessary to enjoy the applicable features?
                              That quote doesn’t imply people won’t get by with a single sub.

                          3. I honestly don’t see the account thing as an issue. I pretty much just use one account for all my games and so do my friends. Guess this is just another thing that gets blown way out of proportion.

                            1. So because it doesn’t affect you, it shouldn’t bother anyone? Haha.
                              Yea, I guess let’s just forget about all those people who share their systems with others or use multiple accounts, because those who don’t are way more important, amirite.

                              Not sure why it’s so difficult for people to look at things from different angles, haha. As long as it doesn’t affect you, it’s not a problem worth taking seriously? Okay then.

                              1. I didn’t say that at all. I’m just saying how I feel; I don’t think this is going to be a key issue for Switch that ends up being complained about for that long.

                                Before the Switch even came out, people complained about this and that and everything was petty as hell. People complained about paying for online. Now we know the price and everyone loves it. People complained about the price of the console. Switch sells out everywhere. People complained about hardware issues that either didn’t exist or got patched up quickly.

                                Like I get you’re frustrated but in my opinion it’s nothing worth getting as riled up as you got. And if you’re going to voice that, you probably should’ve seen my comment coming.

                              2. You kinda did though. And you’re kinda doing it again. A lot of the things people complained about were valid concerns. Just because some of those things do not bother/affect you personally, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re petty. But just as well, not every complaint was actually objectively justified.

                                People complaining about online being paid were the vocal minority. People have been asking for Nintendo to improve their online multiplayer for so long now, and anyone who cared about that knows that paying is the way to go. It’s basically a standard for consoles at this point. But saying that everyone loves what Nintendo made of it (or plans to make of it, rather)? I don’t think so, personally I’ve seen a lot of mixed feelings about it around the internet.
                                People complaining about the price were once again the vocal minority. From an objective standpoint, the price is not outrageous, it’s completely fine.
                                Not sure which hardware issues you’re referring to, so I can’t say much about that.

                                All that being said, none of that is relevant for the validity of the topic in question. Previous complaints other people have raised in the past doesn’t make this any less/more justified than it is.

                                Also don’t know what you mean with the voice chat part at the end there, so I can’t comment on it.

                              3. I think what they mean by limit 1 per account is that the subscription can only be tied to one full acount at a time, there doesn’t seem to be anything regarding child accounts, so I assume it means that child accounts tied to the “Master” Account will be covered as well.

                                1. I think he’s talking about the share button being able to share video and not just screencaps. Nintendo mentioned it will become a thing in a future update.

                                  1. }{ Paying for online is something all people must do, not just PC… The fact that you pay for internet and then (if you are a console user) permission to use that internet, is absolutely confounding… Also, payed MMO’s are only one, infinitesimally small portion of PC, which is quite slowly making it’s way out anyway with subscriptionless MMOs such as Guild Wars 2, and many other mmos that are choosing to adopt a free-to-play format… Overall, the PC’s internet is free, unless you insist on playing the one genre that isn’t free… Also, just as a note, MMO’s that exist on consoles (Ex: Final Fantasy 14) require the exact same fee ON TOP OF the fee they pay just to have the privilege of utilizing the internet they are already paying for… Your comment has little impact on the fact that we are superior, and instead it only stresses the need for MMOs to get with the times already… }{

                                1. Sounds promising. Happy about splitting Classic Games from Virtual Console. I just hope they have a big liberary on the e shop at the get-go.

                                  The most important factor for the e shop’s success are ease of use and convenience, which they successfully achieved with the Switch User Interface.

                                  Delaying its launch to 2018 isn’t the best idea though.

                                2. I love nintendo but this online service is a bloody disaster. The biggest problem is the separate app and device necessary to access simple online services that are native to other consoles. I just can’t wrap my head around the backwards logic.

                                  1. It’s definitely a weird choice, the only thing I can think of is it might help cut down costs somehow, which is why the service is so cheap. It would be funny if they are also somehow making additional revenue from people downloading and using the app. I have no idea how any of that works though, for example I heard Snapchat made a whole bunch of money with their free to download app when it first came out, and as far as I’m aware there were no ads at the time…

                                3. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                                  ||As long as any of you own a Switch, you are already ours, inevitability…||

                                  1. I bought Zelda on my WiiU. So I’m just sitting back and eating popcorn. I’m not buying a Switch or a Scorpio until I see which system is getting the game’s I want to play. so far it’s a close race as neither have jack shit I want yet. XD

                                4. So wait, I have a Switch with multiple user profiles. My Nintendo account is connected to my user profile. My wife still has access to any games connected to my Nintendo account even when shes using her own user profile. In what scenario would there be multiple Nintendo Accounts on one Switch where this would be a problem? Aren’t most families using a single Nintendo account?

                                  1. Multiple Nintendo accounts if your wife had any software previously it would not be on the single system because yours is the one paying/master account.

                                    Different from when everything was free previously, so your wife would get all the features with no barrier.

                                  2. I think this is something many people here are missing though. Nintendo accounts and profiles are not the same thing…

                                    I don’t think many Switch owners will actually use multiple Nintendo accounts on one console, so this is not an issue at all.

                                    The info about it being account bound is probably meant to be something positiv, as that means that you could just login on another Switch and have full access over your paid online service.

                                    Seriously though, I am noticing that for years now: Why are so many people apparently doing all they can to understand Nintendos statements in a way that sounds negative?
                                    It is like they are just searching for things to be angry about and if something isn’t negative, they make it negative in their brain…

                                5. WOW! So many great details in that article!

                                  OMG! HYPE!!
                                  SO REVOLUTIONARY!

                                  …This literally told us nothing.

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                                  1. You probably can. For all we know anyway.
                                    On PS4, the PSPlus service is tied to the user that subscribed to it – not to the console itself. And yet every other user on the same console gets to play online – so long as that one account with an active PSPlus subscription tied to it is present.

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