Nintendo Switch

Patch For NBA Playgrounds On Nintendo Switch Halves File Size, Increases Res And More

The launch of NBA Playgrounds on Nintendo Switch hasn’t exactly been the smoothest. With features like online play still not available, Saber Interactive has been working hard to patch the game. CEO of Saber, Matt Karch, has updated fans on social media stating that not only will online play be available, the file size will half and the resolution will increase too. Features existing on other platforms will also be included.

You can read his statement below from Facebook:





      1. I know my grammar is bad. Because in high school I only studied english for 3 years and it’s up 7 or 8 years I don’t study or learn better english.

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  1. I’m finally getting better at this game, the learning curve on this was fairly quick but super frustrating for me at first lol

    Just unlocked my first legendary, and it’s Shaq! Shazaam!


  2. Whoa?!!! So is the update out right now? I’ll buy it if it is. I was waiting to see if they’d support the mess of a releases I heard about.


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