Nintendo Switch

Here’s The Monster Hunter XX Japanese TV Commercial

One game that is sure to move even more Nintendo Switch units in Japan is the recently unveiled Monster Hunter XX. Capcom has recently revealed the television trailer for Japanese consumers which basically shows off a bit of everything including gameplay, the improved visuals over the currently available Nintendo 3DS version, and finally the cross-play functionality that users can expect between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Have a watch, below.



      1. Kid…im serious but anything that attacking your nintendo world is just trolling otherwise when you see the truth all of you will instantly commit a suicide so you have no choice to just lie to your self and see anything as “troll” :)


      1. ||Because the feet however they may look like are the basis of our bodies, so victory is a part if us loyalists already…||

        ||What is your opinion on my latest bird squeak that I sent to you?…||


      2. Bird… squeak, Your Grace? The bird creatures on your home planet make weird noises. Unfortunately, I do not show any commands from your bird since last month, Commander. Did I miss something?

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      3. The more direct our communications the better, Your Grace. Even if you must send it by squeaking-dark-robot-commander-homeworld creature. I will endeavor to avoid its talons.


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